Michelle Obama: Government will rule your life!!!

So apparently, the women of America are burdened by having to make health care decisions for their families and sick relatives.   And according to our well dressed cover model first lady, if you support her husbands plan to have the government take over your health care, not only will you have government provided health care, the government will also tell you when you have to go to the doctor, make follow up appointments, and come to your house and take care of you when you’re sick.   Freeing up the women of this country to do other things.   She’s actually giving the impression that Communism didn’t go far enough when it comes to health care and this administration wants to go even farther.   Completely controlling your life as it pertains to your health.  

Do these people even think before they talk?   Or…..   Do they just throw as much BS against the wall as possible in the hope that some people will just smile and clap?