The "Essence" of my life really sucks according to the White House

Unbeknownst to me, the essence of my life really sucks.     I really thought that i was living the american dream.   I grew up poor.   Went to bed many nights without anything to eat as a kid.   Couldn’t afford nice clothes and moved from apartment to apartment quite a bit.    Yet,  I’ve managed to graduate college,  married the most beautiful woman in the world,  bought a house, and completely gutted and fixed it on my own.  (While sanding the hardwood floors and listening to Mark Levin, he decided to play God Bless America.  I’ll never forget how great that was.  I was the American Dream) And i’m now in Grad School working on a Masters degree in counseling.   Perhaps i can help someone get to where i am today.

Now here’s the kicker….  

During President Obama’s joint session address, he used a man’s life experience in dealing with an insurance company as an example of how aweful the insurance companies are.   He said that man was denied cancer treatment because he didn’t disclose a previous gallstone that he had not know about, and thus his delayed treatment for him, and he died.

The real story as posted by Erick, and given in a testimony before congress by the mans sister is that the man got life saving treatment that extended his life by 3 years, all of which was paid for by his insurance company.

The White House says that the “Essence” of the story is right.

So using the White House’s logic it’s safe to assume that my life sucks.   That’s right.   The essence of my life is that i grew up poor,  couldn’t get into college because i couldn’t afford it,  my wife is a hideous beast, and i’m homeless.

Thank god i’ve stopped believing anything the White House or it’s current occupant says.