A lesson in history for Jimmy Carter....

Dear Mr. Carter,

You recently remarked about how racism is the reason for the teapartiers.   And i’m sure you are aware that teapartiers are made up of every political party out there.   I do agree with you that a majority of them are conservative republicans.   Now as you seem to think that the feelings of those in the South that you grew up with, are still there.   And those feelings are based on racist attitudes, and the only reason someone like Republican Joe Wilson would make a statement like “you lie” to President Obama would be because of those historical opinions that southerners had when you were a kid.    I present you with the election map from 1860.   That would be the election of the Republican Abraham Lincoln.   You may notice that the south is entirely green, meaning they voted for the “Southern DEMOCRAT”.     So Jimmy, lets just say i agree with you.   History is a great way to look at today.   History tells me that those who wish for slavery are entirely Democrats as the map below suggests.   Is that correct?   Or is your statement about the south you grew up in being the same south as today completely BS?   

P.S.   You’re still the worst President this country has ever had.