Whats Wrong With Speaking French?


Though not the biggest fan of Romney or many other of our choices this primary season, I find it unnerving that some on this site continue to promulgate the myth that conservatives are an unworldly backwater bunch. Being a resident of New York and an avid conservative myself, I hear this all the time from liberals. Railing against the ability to speak another foreign language such as French is utterly stupid. If elected President, I would most certainly use my second language abilities to communicate to our allies and further the cause of liberty. France is one of our closest allies in Europe. While they have destructively adopted socialist practices in the last thirty years, Sarkozyhas put them on the right track. France have advocated for austerity measures and greater international interventions worldwide. The winds of change are sweeping Europe and conservatives are on the rise all over the continent. We know this because of the violent reactions of liberals against the sound economic policies in place. When liberals dont get their way, they burn and pilfer. The demostrations throughout Europe in places like Britain and Greece reveal liberals for who they really are. Sadly our current crop of candidates lacks the foreign policy credentials or the simple understanding of the global nature of our world. The economy is not going to be fixed here in the U.S. Of course Obama’s regulations and rules do not help at all, but the interconnectedness of the world economies calls for the vast amount of our focus to shift outward. I am appalled by the lack of foreign policy initiatives that are being discussed at this time. America is falling behind because we are looking inward instead outward to solve our problems. Our school children lack the knowledge and tools to compete internationally and as a History teacher, I have witnessed firsthand their disregard to obtain an understanding of anything farther than their local mall. Liberals are worldly people but in the wrong matter, they use it to further their destructive philosophies. They have made international connections and have created very strong international coalitions. Fellow conservatives knee-jerk reactions to this organizations are to dismiss them outright as Un-American. International networks are not un-American, they are just simply liberal. We need to reach out to conservatives all over the world and unite. First and foremost we must have an understanding of other peoples and other cultures. America is the most  international nation on the face of this earth due to the various mixing of cultures. This should be our strong point as conservatives, we have the ability and opportunity to show the liberal snobs that we too can Parlez-Francais! Vive Les Etas Unis et Vive Liberte!