A Victory for Arizona

A victory for Arizona and the people of this great nation.  In the case Chamber of Commerce vs. Whiting, The Supreme Court decided 5-3 (Kagan recused herself) that the law that punishes business owners who hire illegal workers is constitutional. Justice John Roberts said “Arizona has taken the route least likely to cause tension with federal law.” So in other words, the law only helps to enforce existing federal statues against hiring illegal immigrating workers. In no way could you be possibly interfering with federal law if state laws simply compliment and help implement said federal laws. Companies will be required to use the E-verify system to check each registered workers background. Now what will the Chamber of Commerce due without it’s a vast pool of illegal workers to exploit and pay ungodly low wages to? At least the workers of Arizona and hopefully the rest of the nation will benefit from higher wages now that their unfair competition is eliminated. This really could be foreshadowing the way the court will rule on  Arizona’s immigration reform law. The reform law follows the exact same reasoning through its enforcement of existing Federal laws. The dissent from Sotomayor is priceless; she stated that the criticism of the Federal government for not enforcing its own laws is irreverent.  Really Madame Justice, Irrelevant? Ok fine then we the people will just have to bypass the Federal government and look to our local state officials for the protection we so desire. According to the more sane Justices, power is reserved to the states to step in and finish the job especially if these measures are within the spirit and act as a reinforcement of federal law.