The Annointed One has not learned a Darn Thing

Watching Obama’s speech, I can’t help but feel like he has not learned a thing. He practically reeks of arrogance as he continually talks down to the American people.  I cannot believe the blatant lies that come out of his mouth as he tries to tell us that the policies he enacted were just “emergency policies” and not his “real” set of everyday policies. He still believes that Americans were just simply not informed well enough to make a sensible decision on Election Day. He made such a pathetic attempt at humbly accepting defeat, while he glared at the prompter with such a degree of contempt for the “lower class peasants” who voted in such a despicable manner. This man is not the “GREAT UNITER” but instead the Great Divider. I just wrote a post describing a jubilant, but humbled victory in which we must extend our hand in friendship. We need to do this because the American people accept us to do so. After watching this speech, the only thing I feel Obama would do with our hand is cut it off. I now realize we need to dig our trenches and hold the lines. The 2012 elections are the deciding battle for this generation. It will be the turning point for America. We have witnessed a revolution last night, but the Tyrant has yet to be deposed. He will not abdicate nor will he extend any peace offerings.  We must rip the throne of power out from underneath him. There will be tough times ahead folks, we have won a huge battle, but we have not won the war.