The Great Big Democratic Lie

Anyone who watched Rachael Maddow’s ludicrous tirade last night? She went off on a tangent, lecturing Republicans on their moral responsibility to stop these “Right Wing Nuts” from threatening and vandalizing the offices of those hard working representatives who voted in favor of Health Care DEFORM. Accusing the Republicans and their commentators in the media of fanning the flames of this unprecedented out pouring of hate. (While this author strongly condemns any violence or threats of any kind,) Maddow and the Democrats seemed convinced that this out pouring of emotions is a first in the history of politics. How easily do they forget the terror campaigns by left wing radical during the late 60’s and early 70’s. The civil anarchy, murders, heists, and blackmail committed by the iconic hippie that are held in such high esteem by the current administration matters not to today’s Democrats. The reason why i am bringing this to your attention, was so eloquently described by Glenn Beck last night. The Democrats have not really forgotten what crimes their Golden Era Hippie Icon had committed. They also remember the treatment dealt to their icons and the backlash that their policies received in the 80’s and early 90’s. They have cut their hair, washed, and brought new suits. They have even disguised their Marxist rhetoric because to open declare yourself a socialist is political suicide. (You can see for yourself though, go to the Communist Party Of America’s website and see how they thoroughly endorsed Barack Obama for the presidency) They have taken on the appearance of mainstream conservative people in the hopes that you would open the doors to them. This is why the bash the tea party and the anti-health care protesters. They know what the appearance of anarchy will do for their image. (But do be fooled, when they gain enough power they will preside over anarchy across the nation.) This is why we must be careful not to resort to the hippie tactics of old. We must be on-guard against those who might make the rest of us look like fools, but also against using these very isolated incidents as political fodder to gain points with the masses. Many accusations have proved false like the Lewis incident on the way to the capital building. Fight the Democratic machine on every talking point. Bush received the same hate mail and rhetorical garbage when he was in office and his policies were disliked by the Democrats.