Health Care & the Republic Comeback

The ugly heat is coming from the Democrats my friends, John lewis making outright lies concerning the use of racial slurs while entering the Capital building with Boss Pelosi. Watch any video of the events, cameras follow him the entire way. All can be heard quite clear and there are even african-american protestors amongst the crowd. Opposition to Pelosi, John Lewis( who i strongly admire and thank for his past contributions, though not his present ones) and of course our gilded headman, Obama, does not make one a racist. This healthcare bill had many things that both sides agreed upon, such as extensions of coverage to children and the elimination of pre-existing conditions being grounds to deny coverage. The rest of this bill is just plain wasteful spending. The CBO report is laughable to anyone who understands how this non-partisan office operates. They essentially are math checkers to water it down. They must carefully follow the provided equations and assumptions provided to them by the bill’s writers. So of course the Democrats provided them with equations that were a foregone conclusion for their cause.  Many economist feel this bill will add over 600 billion to the deficit because many of the assumptions of cost cutting in the medical service field do not exist or will never be done. The Republican party has much to optimistic about. The Democrats will get pummeled in November because this is a representative democracy. The people’s voice is the only thing that matters.  Obama has just sacrificed those votes in Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and other important swing states that will never fall for his promises of False hope again. This from a man who has followed 80% of Bush’s foreign policy and was awarded the Nobel peace prize.  Let the people speak this fall and see the party of the Elite fall off the high pedestal.