Tim Scott: A Product of Opportunity

By now many of you have seen the latest attack on Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) for the unspeakable crime of acknowledging that conservative policies are the most effective tools for lifting people out of poverty. Sen. Scott knows this firsthand, having grown up with a single mother in North Charleston. I must also commend Sen. Scott for once again refusing to take the bait of those that criticize him. His calmness and grace are much better than I would do if subjected to the same baseless criticisms he must endure.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the man we here in the Lowcountry still refer to as Tim. You see, we’ve known him here for a long time, whether it be as an insurance agent, a member of a Bible study group, the guy working out next to you at the gym, County Councilman, State Representative, Congressman, or now US Senator. You never knew where he would show up, he has always been concerned with making our community a better place.

He has come by his beliefs honestly. He was raised by a loving mother and extended family that wanted to see him live a better life than where he was born. He had an entrepreneur take an interest in him as he was in high school, and teach him that the path to prosperity was to create something and remain true to the values with which he was raised. He’s seen how burdensome government regulations affected not only him as a small business owner, but countless others trying to advance.

Tim has chosen to lead a life of true public service. He frequently travels to high schools throughout South Carolina (many of which have never had a visit by a US Senator) and connects with young people and explains how he was able to achieve success. On Christmas morning last year, he accompanied other volunteers with Toys for Tots and distributed gifts to those in need. He’s a regular at political gatherings around the state, often unannounced, to learn what is on his constituents’ minds.

There was also the time when paid union organizers showed up at his office to protest. The first surprise that they received, was that they were outnumbered by his constituents supporting his efforts. The next was when Sen. Scott came outside to speak with them on this hot Lowcountry day to hear their concerns, and also give them bottled water to make their stay more comfortable.

Probably the only time I have ever seen him do something that could be considered uncaring, was his performance of a Journey song at a friend’s 40th birthday party. Sen. Scott has many gifts, but singing is not one of them.

Sen. Scott doesn’t promote his Opportunity Agenda because it is politically expedient, he does so because he has seen it work in his own life and the lives of countless others. He does it because he knows it is the right thing to do for our children and generations to come. It is only by ensuring that each of us, regardless of our station in life, has an opportunity to succeed, that America will realize her true potential.

We may not get to see Tim as often as we once did, now that he represents the entire state. However, I’m confident that Gov. Haley gave our nation a great gift when she appointed Tim Scott to the United States Senate last year. Charleston is known for her hospitality, and we’re happy to share this gift with the rest of the country. I just wish we had a few more people like Tim Scott representing us at all levels of government.