A Message to the RNC from a Constitutional Conservative

I received a fundraising email from the RNC today.  I have been receiving letters and emails from them at an annoying rate.  I have decided to explain to them why I have chosen to only donate to candidates directly and to Sen. DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund.  My reply is below:


When Steele steps down and the GOP stops calling people like McCain and McConnell conservative I’ll start contributing again.  Until then, don’t waste your time or bandwidth sending me requests or calling me.


It was the GOP’s embrace of the “big tent” philosophy that caused the biggest expansion of the US government since FDR.  Liberals in conservative clothing are still liberals and they will pursue the same failed policies that Bush and his liberal, unprincipled, internationalist buddies followed.  It was the result of those policies that caused us to lose the majorities we had in the House and Senate as well as the Presidency!  We failed every trust put in us because we allowed folks into positions of power who suffered from a lack of principle and who pursued politics as usual.  We became as bad as the Demonicrats.


And now you’re asking me for money to continue the same policies?  Every non-conservative out there bought that Bush was a conservative.  We look terrible!  Worse, we failed to show the American people what principled conservatism is and instead gave them a big government internationalist who believes in Keynesian economic theory and called him a conservative.  You ask me to join you as a “Guardian of Liberty”?  The party of radical free trade, tax breaks for off-shoring, Homeland Security, bailouts and restrictive rules of engagement for our soldiers?  Really?


Stop asking for money, stop pandering to the mainstream media, lose Steele and start doing a principled job.  If the RNC weren’t such a FAILURE money would not be an issue.  You cry about “litmus tests”, well this is why they are necessary.  Americans deserve a choice.  They deserve to see the alternative to the progressive and moderate policies that have brought us to the terrible economic and geopolitical situations we find ourselves in today.  I think that, just as with Reagan, we could give them a real dose of hope in a bad time like this. 


You say you want my money?  Prove it.