RCP now puts Obama at 50% and McCain at 42.2%

Well after earlier posts and being labled a ‘troll’ I guess this will be treated the same way.

For the first time ever this election cycle RealClearPolitics.com has Obama at 50%, McCain at 42.2%.

With only 23 days left until the election the ability of John McCain to turn this around is becoming harder and harder. Being down 7.8% (and by the looks of it going to get worse) is a tall order. The fact is that Palin has become a noose around John McCain’s neck, the findings of the Troopergate investigation that she abused the power of the Governors Ofiice is damning, but it adds just another note to the litany of disasters that she has brought to the campaign. Now there looks set to be an investigation into ‘who’ exactly built there $500k house, and it does not seem that it was just some friends of Todd’s who happened to turn up to give a hand!

In my earlier comments on other threads I explained I am from the UK, a conservative, and I tried to explain that the Conservative Party here in the UK faced the same problems in the 1990’s as the Republican Party in the USA now faces. It is unfortunate if Republicans will not listen and learn from others, but I shall spell it out clearly:

**For the Republican Party to survive the landslide that is about to occur against them the Party must modernise and go back to its roots, involve itself with the people and not just vociferous factions of the party but with the electorate as a whole.  The Republican Party is presently facing anhilation in this electoral cycle, it must now look not at its partisan sections that presently make up the 'whole' of the Party but at what the electorate want from the Republican Party.**

I fully expect no rounds of applause for my post, it may even be deleted, if so then that is as may be. But until Republicans and the Republican Party realise that mass communication, instant fact checking, can now alter elections then the Democrats will remain in power for untold election cycles to come.