An Open Letter To RNC Reince Preibus: Do The Right Thing With The Florida Delegates


Dear Chairman Preibus,

I am writing an open letter to you in hopes that you will do the right thing and make the Florida Republican Party abide by the rules of the Republican National Committee. 

The state of Florida deliberately snubbed its’ nose at the party and the rules several months ago when it voted to hold the Florida primary early, which has already cost if 49 delegates out of the original 99 delegates allocated by the RNC.  Now they further give the party the middle finger by allocating the remaining delegates as  “winner-take-all”, instead of the proportional allotment that is defined in the RNC rules for any state that wishes to hold its’ primary prior to April 1st. 

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who finished second in the Florida balloting has petitioned the Florida Republican Party to reverse the “winner-take-all” allocation and award him delegates based on the proportional vote he obtained.  I don’t think there will be any surprises here and Florida will not change its’ mind. 

I am asking you to step in and do the right thing by holding a rules committee meeting prior to the Republican Convention in Tampa to overturn the Florida decision and either strip the delegates completely away from the state or make them award the delegates proportionally as per the RNC rules.  Why am I asking for the RNC to decide this now instead of at the Convention?  It’s simple.  If the RNC does not act on this immediately, it will affect the delegate count in an unfair manner toward the ‘leading’ delegate holder as of date, Governoe Mitt Romney.  

National Public Radio has applied the proportional formula to the Florida delegates and as of today, instead of Governor Romney receiving all 50 remaining delegates, he would only receive 23 while Speaker Gingrich would receive 16.  This would change the cumulative total from Governor Romney leading Gingrich 59 to 23 to Speaker Gingrich leading Governor Romney 39 to 32.  As you know, political campaigns are all about momentum, or lack there of.  The RNC’s failure to act on this is affecting the momentum off the GOP primary race, something that I would hope you would agree, the national party should have no reason to do.  By affecting the momentum, this shift of delegates to where they rightfully belong, could allso affect the race for the nomination as a whole.

I, as a Republican, urge you to take action immediately should Florida rule not to overturn their decision.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Knowles