Democrats are my ex-wife 1

No matter what, my ex has to disagree with me, and especially when I come up with something first. For instance, if I learn that the one son of whom I do not have custody has a soccer game during one of my weekends, and a bye on a non-visit weekend, I will suggest a switch. The answer will ALWAYS be no.

If I were to say that Ohio is west of Maryland she would say that she does not believe it to be the case, and that I cannot say that she does not believe it.

I used to answer her line by line (generally our communication is by email). I would show through irrefutable logic that 2 + 2 = 4. She would always say somwe form of: I believe 2+2=5 and you can’t tell me I don’t.

About a year ago I started ignoring every false and/or provocative statement she makes.

I now have much more time to actually do important things.