What The Hell Is Wrong With My Family?

Like the title says, “What the Hell is wrong with my family?”

I’m the political one in my family, all the others to me just don’t give a damn.

I have been active in politics since I was 12 years old. I ran Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign at my ELEMENTARY school. I have been active in other real campaigns, and even had a stint working for the Georgia Republican Party.

Though I must confess, since I have become disabled, my physical political activities have dropped to next to nothing. However, since I got a computer, and got online, I have took off into the world of cyber-politics. RedState, Glenn Beck and the 9/12 Project, Don’t Tread On Us. I have started feeling like I was finally coming back to life.

Every time I try to convince my family about the evils of partisan politics, our country’s march to socialism, and other important issues, they brush me off, telling me “its not important to my life.”

Well, when they wake up and see the freedoms they take for granted have been taken away one by one, I’m sure they’ll say “we never saw it coming.” BUT THEY DID! I TRIED TO TELL YOU!

I have made friends over politics, lost friends over politics. I have debated, argued, and even once come to blows. This matters to me.

So, family dear, if you expect me to take an interest in your life and listen to your views, at least have the common courtesy to at least listen to mine.