Was It Really A Mandate For Change?

Election Day, 2008

All over the TV, all over America, even all over the world, everybody said that the election of Barack Obama was a “Mandate For Change.”

But was it truly?

Well, technically yes.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary gives the follow definition for Mandate: An authorization to act, given to a representitive.

Is that not what an election is?

Mandate does not mean that its an overwhelming landslide. But, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party wants us to believe this to be true.

That for the exception of 61 million people who voted for Senator McCain, Mister Nader, Mister Barr, and the others, ALL of America welcomed Senator Barack Obama to the White House.

But it WASN’T the “Mandate” we were lead to believe. I did some figuring last night and this is what I found out.

Figures from Wikipedia and Google

In the 2008 election, the results went like this:

Senator Barack Obama (D)      69,498,215 votes

                                               52.93% of votes cast

                                               365 Electoral votes

Senator John McCain (R)        59, 948,240 votes

                                              45.66% of votes cast

                                              173 Electoral votes

Other Candidates                  1,850,529 votes

                                             1.41% of votes cast

                                              0 Electoral votes

If you do the math, that is only a 7.27% majority out of the 131,296,984 votes cast. But, Obama’s percentage drops to 32.68% if you figure in all the ellidgible voters (which were 212,720,027). The percentage drops even lower if you figure in the entire US population (303,824,640) it becomes 22.87%, which means that statistically, only 1 in every 4 1/2 people voted for Barack Obama.

So the Democratic Party and its Media Machine can boast that Obama’s election was a mandate, because technically, that’s true. But remember, it wasn’t the overwhelming majority that they want you to believe.