Hours remain.

     As I write what is only my second diary here at REDSTATE after a number of drafts have been cast aside as unworthy, it is, in my area the last hour of September 30.  This means, naturally, that it is also the last hour of the third quarter of fundraising for the November 2nd election, and the last where financial disclosure will be expected and publicly declared.  Many campaigns are sending out E-mails, volunteers and phone banks soliciting contributions. 

      Prior to this evening, I had made only one financial contribution, a 200 dollar donation to John McCain in late 2008.  But with the stakes as high as they’ve ever been, I felt even with my limited and meager resources, I could not sit on the sidelines anymore.  I made what were really very small contributions to five candidates that I felt most needed and could benefit from my support, and I encourage anyone parusing the diaries on Redstate late this evening to do the same.  My contributions went to the following candidates:

     My first contribution went to Charles Lollar who is seeking to unseat Steny Hoyer in Maryland’s fifth Congressional district.  I am all too aware that Lollar’s campaign may be considered something of a long shot, but a few things moved me in Charles’ direction.  First, I feel that with the accusations of racism piling unjustly against our party, we need to do all we can to show that we include everyone and are pround of our diversity.  I also felt along similar lines, that after reading a poll which indicarted that as many as 33% of African Americans were sympathetic to the aims of the tea party, we should do what we can to support those who have risked great criticism to support US.  I’ve also heard tell of Lollar’s incredible charisma and personal engagement… marooned in St. Louis, I’ve not been able to see it myself.  Finally, an article I read last week revealed Hoyer’s arrogant contempt for anyone seeking to question the Democratic party’s judgment.  I feel that there are a number of districts in the east that have had the partisan lean they’ve gained over the last few years largely because Republicans haven’t targeted them.  Well it’s time to target Steny Hoyer and send him out of DC once and for all.

     Next, I chose to support my Congressional candidate, Ed Martin, running in the third Missouri Congressional district.  Ed Martin was a former chief of staff to Governor Matt Blunt.  Ed is a principled, driven guy who understands and appreciates conservative values.  His opponent, Russ Carnahan, is a legacy slacker who hasn’t even the interest in politics to determine his stands.  He’s already flip-flopped on a Missouri ballot initiative.  And while he was elected with a more conservative “New Democrat” label after tolerating a progressive primary challenge from now-incarcerated State Senator Jeff Smith, he has become a loyal Nancy Pelosi lapdog with a 99% straight party voting record.  He’s also arranged 107 MILLION dollars in earmarks for his brother Tom’s wind tower business… stimulating the Chinese economy.  Though his detestable sister Robin uses the term against Roy Blunt in her Senate bid, it is Russ who is truly “The worst of Washington”… and Ed Martin may be the only man who can force a separation.

    I gave a contribution to Martha Roby.  Martha is seeking to represent the Alabama 2nd in lieu of Bobby Bright.  Bobby Bright is the House of Representatives most conservative Democratic member, to the point he would definitely be to the right of some Republicans.  But upon taking his seat last year, he supported Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and in spite of the shadow that cast on his reelection efforts, he has not said that he WOULD not do so if reelected.  You see, it’s that one vote that ruins the rest.  The Alabama second has a habit of electing its reps for long tenures, and Bright is a freshman.  If we don’t fight against him now, he’ll be there forever.  And for all the conservatism in his day to day voting record, he’ll be a wrecking ball to our agenda every January 3rd.

     I donated to Ryan Frazier in the Colorado 7th.  Frazier is running in one of the most politically even districts in the country, and yet oddsmakers still point to his incumbent opponent, Ed Perlmutter, as the favored winner.  An article on Politico, however, indicated a PAC was spending hundreds of thousands against Perlmutter, and a newspaper piece last week indicated that the Colorado 7th, as the archetypal suburban middle class district, might be a barometer for the election this November.  If that’s the case, I’ll do all I can to help Ryan Frazier symbolize an electric new REPUBLICAN Congress.  

     Finally, I contributed to Bobby Schilling seeking to oust Phil Hare in the Illinois 17th.  I did this because… well… Phil Hare is a stupid walrus.  Seriously.  My cousins live in the Illinois 17th, and even though they tend to be Democrats I feel they deserve better, at the very least a Congressman who doesn’t openly state that he doesn’t care about the Constitution.  (I wonder if we can sell him on the idea that they said there were term limits…) In any event, there are plenty of detestable Democrats out there, but detestable with smarts I can stand at times… I can’t handle dispicable AND stupid, and Phil’s elevator clearly doesn’t reach the top.  

     So my question to you is, have you contributed yet?  And if you do, and take my challenge…. who were your chosen ones?