Hannity Caller Reports Secret Service Harassment

We have come to recognize that the Left has a penchant for trying to suppress speech with which it either does not agree or might hurt their candidates. But here may be a new tactic and a sign of how life will be under an Obama administration.

Just about five minutes ago, a caller to Sean Hannity reported she was called by an Obama pollster/canvasser who was seeking her support. She claims that she told this caller that he should not waste his time calling her, because she would never vote for a candidate who wants babies to die in closets.

About two days later, her door bell rang and when she answered she was confronted by a Secret Service agent who claimed to be investigating a threat to candidate Obama.

Hannity responded to this call by saying that, perhaps, the Secret Service was provided with information which made them think a threat existed. The woman responded that the Secret Service was told that she said she wanted to “see Barack Obama dead on the floor.”

Was this a misunderstanding? Or are members of the Obama campaign misreporting comments by conservative callers in order to trigger what amounts to Secret Service harassment? Whatever it was, this poor woman now carries a permanent Secret Service record.