The left was too preoccupied to make a budget

Originally posted on Liberty Ink Journal

Once upon a time, Nancy. Harry, and Barry almost completely controlled the government (except for that other branch which Barry ridiculed in his State of the Union speech).  They could crack the whip and get anything they wanted.  The bills didn’t even need to be read to get passed into law.  They passed the bills to see what was inside, sort of like a grab bag party.  Pelosi would schedule it, a vote would be held, a majority of Pelosi’s drones would vote for it, then Reid and all of his drones would vote for it, and the drone on Pennsylvania Avenue would rubber stamp it at the direction of his teleprompter.  Heck, if they wanted to spend trillions to put government buildings on Pluto (even after losing planetary status, no less), it would have passed and their supporters would have said it was a “necessity.”  Barry would have even had an opportunity to fly all over the country, dumping untold amounts of carbon into the environment at a tremendous cost to the taxpayer, in order to proclaim the “need” for such a boondoggle.

And indeed, they exercised that power.  Pelosi swung that big gavel and smiled like the cat that swallowed the canary.  They rammed through the FAILED so-called “stimulus” which will enslave our great great great grandchildren (the ones not aborted) with debt for leftist whims of today, the second so-called “stimulus” aka gift to big union fatcats and thugs with a “thank you note” in the form of propaganda due in the 2012 election season, so-called “financial regulation,” and the centerpiece of the Obama hoax and chains era, ObamaCare.

The left managed to ram through so many whims.  But while Pelosi had fun playing with the gavel and banging it around, they forgot about one teeny, tiny, little responsibility: setting a budget.  While we hear about all the incompetence of the old Republican Congress, or with Bush, never did they forget to have a budget. (And we know the Democrat leaning mainstream media would have shouted this from the rooftops if they had forgotten….particularly if it was around election time!)  But, well, you know, why bother with that mundane stuff when they could get into the more important things of trying to take control of our lives with multithousand page boondoggles?  And really, with the skyrocketing costs of such measures, how could they possibly budget for them?  They wouldn’t want any actual limitations in their power grab, you know.

So, the leftist controlled Congress kept passing “continuing resolutions.”  This offered flexibility in how they could enslave future generations.  They’d set a limit, Obama’s appetite for government waste would grow larger, and they’d just be able to continue to raise that limit.  Actually, wouldn’t it have just been simpler to put through legislation saying Obama could just spend whatever his little heart desires (as directed by the TOTUS, of course), with no limits?  It saves time from dealing with these pesky mundane things like having to worry about how much money is being spent.  It’s not their money, anyway, so why should they care?  Besides, this would give them more time to find more ways to take control over their subjects, um, I mean, the American people.

Anyway, a few months back, somehow Nancy got shellacked (hat tip to Obama’s teleprompter for that word) and the big gavel was taken away from her.  The new guy who gets to hold the gavel recently discovered that human beings have this thing called a backbone.  So, as he’s learning to make use of his, the left is in shock that we can’t just continue the spending spree.  People like Chucky Schumer are announcing that we must bandy about the word “extreme” (at least, when he’s not busy cursing flight attendants and such or forgetting about what’s in the Constitution).

Chicken little is running around proclaiming that the sky is falling.  The Democrats dropped the ball on this when they had all the power.  They could have just set a budget giving Obama wide latitude in wasting whatever money he wanted (which, he would have used up in a matter of two months maximum).  They should have interrupted their fun with all the big power grabs and just crafted a budget.  I know they like multithousand page bills which nobody reads along with forcing enough of their members to just vote for it and then have it rubber stamped into law.  Really, they could have done all of that with the budget too.  Just draw it up and slip it between all the “fun” stuff.  They could have just gotten it done.

But since they didn’t bother, and now this new guy is trying out his backbone, they’re screaming and blaming him because he won’t continue to waste money at the unsustainably high levels to which the left is accustomed.  They feel the gravy train will last forever, and why should they care if future generations are stuck with the bill for their whims?  We hear such dire stories about a government shutdown —- which is caused by the utterly irresponsible behavior of the party in power in the 111th Congress.  Maybe this is a sign that the government should not be involved in things that exceed its Constitutional mandate.  If the government would stop trying to have a monopoly over things which it should not even be doing in the first place, then they wouldn’t be in danger of shutting down over a budget battle due to certain so-called “leaders” failing to bother with a budget…