Why is the left obsessed with Palin and Bachmann?

I blog for another site that is dominated by leftist commenters who will rarely exhibit the ability to listen to reason in my view.  I like to give them things to chew on that will keep them busy and “entertain” them.  I thought I’d share it here…

Okay, until now, I have NEVER written a blog with either Palin’s or Bachmann’s name in the title.  At most, I’ve posted one blog with a passing mention of Bachmann in the main blog note, but focused on something else (Chucky, the Senator that needs a teleprompter, to be exact).  But now, donkeys are flying (yes, pun intended there) and I’m putting a spotlight on them (Palin and Bachmann, not the donkeys).  And I’m giving the left a twofer by talking about both of them.  (Oh and uh, cue all the kneejerk vile statements about Palin and Bachmann now that I’ve mentioned their names.  Hey, just to get it all out of your system: George W. Bush.  Better yet, figure out how to blame Bush for Palin and Bachmann.)

So, anyway, I’ve often thought of the left as much like the fictional Borg on Star Trek.  I’ve noticed an increase in hysteria about Palin and Bachmann around here and elsewhere.  And of course, the campaign machinery of Mr. “Hope and Change” just announced he is running again in 2012.  It’s almost like it’s on cue.  The left suddenly start going on and on about Palin and Bachmann right before a presidential incumbent with a “D” after his name announces that he wants to win a second popularity contest.  Let’s face it, if the Democrats ran the teleprompter itself (without the human mouthpiece), the left would be mesmerized by it, cheer for it, and vote for it.

But really, if we are to listen to the left’s rhetoric about either of these women who dare to disagree with the Democrats’ mandatory template for the views they expect and insist on women having, neither of them have any chance of winning.  The left routinely lists a plethora of insults for these two primarily because they do not tow the Democrat party line.  If we are to take the left seriously (note: today is not April 1st) and assume all these insults are true, then these two simply could not be elected to anything, never mind win a presidential election.

We know the left wants a Democrat in office.  But there are other potential Republican candidates such as Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty (oh, sorry, it’s rude to fall asleep in the middle of writing a blog).  Yet the left does not even bother saying anything about these or a number of other candidates mentioned in the media.  Why waste time on the likes of Palin or Bachmann?  The left has said they cannot win, so rest confidently in that.  Smile.  Be happy.  Enjoy life.  No need to stress about something which, according to the left, will never happen.

Seriously, both Palin and Bachmann were promoted by the left.  Without the nastiness and vile messages the left posts about them, they would not be known.  In fact, while each do have their fans among conservatives, their stardom is created by the left, not the right.  The more the left attacks them in such vile and hateful ways, the more they promote them.  Afterall, if bitter clinging leftwingers, who cling to the failed policies of the past (hat tip to none other than Obama himself and the bitter clingers script on his teleprompter) are wasting so much energy putting them down, others are going to become interested in them.  Again, the left does not give any time to Romney, Huckabee, or Pawlenty.  (On a side note, that just seems so unfair.  Since leftwingers like to legislate fairness, can’t they come up with a big, multithousand page bill that nobody has time to read, requiring that all Republican office seekers be insulted equally by the left?  Can’t we just pass it to see what’s in it?)

Finally, when the left shows such attention to any given politician, that politician becomes a huge fundraiser.  Really, if the left wants to ruin the political careers of Palin and Bachmann, the best thing is to dismiss and ignore them.