Correction: Blind faith expected when Democrats in charge

Cross posted to Liberty Ink Journal

I blog at another site with a number of liberal commenters.  They were not thrilled with my last post, to say the least.  In that post I said that big government cheerleaders expect blind faith in big government for the common people…..just not government workers.  Government workers are forced to pay into unions who tell their forced sponsors (both kinds….government workers and the taxpayers) when and in what ways they should not trust the government.

Gosh, was I told!  I was informed that the left has opposed things like the Bush wars and the Patriot Act.  Further, they support regulations for “product safety” (stuff that should have stopped companies operating in Communist China from shipping us pet food that kills our pets and toys layered in lead paint).  Point taken and I must correct myself.  Hence the title of this post.

Let’s look at the Patriot Act.  99% in the tea party oppose it no matter which party’s president is presently polluting the environment with unnecessary trips on Air Force One or reading from a teleprompter.  Big government cheerleaders opposed it when a Republican was in office but were generally silent when Obama reauthorized it.  There wasn’t even much criticism from the left of the numerous House Republicans (shame on them) who voted for it just recently.  But why would they?  Afterall, Obama gets to use it.

Then there are the wars started under Bush.  Ron Paul supporters opposed this long before anyone expected Obama would be the next president.  Most in the tea party oppose at least Iraq (and many Afghanistan too) as unnecessary and not even Constitutional.  But now that Obama is in charge, the “Bring the troops home now” rallies from the left are rarely if ever seen.  There are few peace rallies.  They seem to be strangely quiet.  Gosh, it’s like all that stuff was just done for political purposes as we were headed towards an open seat presidential election back in the years leading to 2008.  Two years into the era of so-called “hope and change” and the wars have not been completely ended.  Folks, we’re more than halfway into the first (and hopefully only) term, here.

But what happens under Obama?  We have numerous multithousand page bills rammed through Congress without rank and file members having a chance to read and digest what is in them.  Instead, wielding huge majorities, Pelosi and Reid push the bills through and Obama rubber stamps them.  ObamaCare, the FAILED “stimulus,” the second “stimulus” (aka big union payoff), and the list goes on.  Rather than even asking what might be in these bills, big government cheerleaders believed their party’s promotional talking points and just demanded they be passed without question.  So yes, I stand behind my claim that big government cheerleaders want blind faith in the government when Democrats are in control.

Product safety?  Barely a whimper from big government cheerleaders about preventing China from shipping poison pet food to the United States.  Why should the Chinese government care about safety?  Afterall, they start medieval style rumors leading, of all things, to brainwashed people (supposedly educated teachers, no less!) viciously and barbarically beating cats to death.    Of course, China believes in barbaric forced abortion of little babies.  But then, Chinese companies with slave labor workers send us toys made with lead paint.  Maybe they were trying to exercise population control over here too?  Rather than demand an end to the low quality Chinese trash being made by slave labor and sent over here using a tremendous amount of fuel, big government cheerleaders would rather use this as an excuse to demand more government regulators.    Yes, throw more money at the problem instead of actually nipping it in the bud.  Sure, let’s continue to risk American children’s lives and we can hire regulators who will allegedly deal with it after it has been caught.  We can’t undo what has already happened to the children who were victims before the problem was caught, of course.

Food safety?  With China’s horrific record on other products?  When I see any kind of food indicating it came from China, I simply won’t even buy it.  I can’t trust it.  New York has numerous apple orchards.  Yet apple juice around here indicates it partially comes from China.  If we can’t buy from New York, what about Washington state?  No, better to risk getting poisoned from China.  Where is big government?  Why not get food that can be grown in the United States from the United States….or at least from countries without a horrible record both in human rights abuses and product safety, like China.  But don’t worry….big government regulators are “saving” everyone from problems — until the next Chinese product scandal comes out and people have already gotten sick or died.

Cribs that don’t fall apart?  When some furniture is made in China and is made to break?  Are you kidding me?

China holds so much debt due to wasteful government spending.  Seriously, you can take all the nation’s millions of unemployed (despite the FAILED “stimulus” and the bazillions of “saved or created” jobs in places like New Hampshire’s 00th and Oklahoma’s 00th districts) and make them into government regulators, but they’ll have no teeth when it comes to regulating away the garbage from China.  It’s a joke when it comes to our “mortgage holder.”  Sure, they can regulate American businesses to the point that they close or leave, but they cannot seriously do anything if Chinese companies want to ship dangerous and poisonous trash to us.

Big government cheerleaders are strangely silent about China and its record of human rights abuses.  They don’t demand that we stop borrowing from them to fill the never ending appetite of big government spenders.  They don’t demand that government shut down frivolous programs and eliminate waste in order to actually deal with the debt that is owed to China in order to start paying it down.  No, their motto is “tax the rich” and spend like there’s no tomorrow.  Better yet, they want to expand the government further.  They don’t demand we cut off trade with China until they clean up their mess.  They complain about companies outsourcing to China yet they don’t demand the one thing that could stop this from happening.  Why would they?  China has a “great” system: Authoritarian communism to control the people, propped up by “capitalism” in an economic sense only, to keep the authoritarian government in place.

Unless or until I hear from big government cheerleaders about ending our dependence on China in all ways and coming to a happy medium here in terms of REASONABLE regulations and taxes that would encourage businesses to run factories here, I don’t believe the hogwash regarding caring about consumer safety.  These are the same people who regulate businesses out of here and are largely silent about unsafe trash coming out of Communist authoritarian China.

As to the issue of blind obedience to the government, in light of big government cheerleaders’ record on the Patriot Act under Obama, ObamaCare, the two FAILED stimuluses, and a host of other Obama championed multithousand page boondoggles, I stand behind my claim that they want it when Democrats are in charge.