Do big government unions agree with the tea party?

Cross posted to Liberty Ink Journal

Big government cheerleaders expect the common people to blindly trust government.  They want everyone to  assume everything done by gargantuan government is in the best interests of the people.  Common people are supposed to operate this way and just distract themselves with sports, video games, news about clueless celebrities like Paris Hilton, etc.  Meanwhile, they are not to pay attention to the continuous growth of government and increasing demands and restrictions from government, such as expectations that people will blindly agree to pay for ObamaCare for the rest of their lives.

So, this is what big government cheerleaders want for the common people.  To sum it all up, their message is: blind obedience, without question.  This benefits big government union executives because the more regulations and restrictions on the people, the more government employees are needed.  The more government employees, the more government employee paychecks with dues forcibly taken out to provide cushy six figure salaries to big union executives.

But really, if the sheeple are expected to have blind trust and assume government is only working in their best interests, it would seem there really is no need for government labor unions.  Afterall, public employees are supposed to be the same as regular folks, right?  And regular folks are supposed to just assume the best on the part of gargantuan government.  They are not supposed to question anything.

The tea party is about paying attention to what the government is actually doing.  The Founding Fathers repeatedly warned that this was necessary.  We are not to have blind trust in the government as big government cheerleaders would like.  Of course, tea party people do this on a voluntary basis because they are passionate about these issues.

Big government cheerleaders, on the other hand, tell common people to trust government but insist we need big labor unions to protect government workers from that very same government.  Anyone who wants to work for the government in a non-politically-appointed (or non “confidential”) position has no choice but to pay union dues to be “protected” from the very same government common people must blindly trust.  Hypocrisy.

Ultimately, the message is that government cannot be trusted.  And that’s coming from big government cheerleaders.  But it gets even better:  Leftwing groups are claiming this is “their tea party moment.” Wait, I thought the rhetoric was that the tea parties are just unophisticated, uneducated, ignorant rednecks without any teeth??  So, why would elite, sophisticated, supposedly cultured, supposedly highly educated, supposedly knowledgeable liberals want to claim they have a “tea party moment” at all?  If they stare down their noses at the tea party, this seems rather odd.  And certainly, they should not adopt tea party ideals of lack of trust in big government.

But the fun part is that the tea party urges common people to keep watch.  Tea parties suggest people reduce their time with distractions, get involved, learn about the Constitution and the government, stay current on what is happening, speak out with a well formed opinion OF THEIR OWN, etc.  People are not paid to do this; they are supposed to do it as part of their duty as citizens.  This is where the tea party and big unions part ways.  Big unions believe in forcing people to basically pay others to watch what is happening in the government.  They then feed their members with propaganda demonizing anyone who disagrees with them.  Some union members respond by calling the union leaders’ boogeyman of the month a “NAZI” and such.

Like tea party people, the rank and file union members should realize they can think for themselves (no need for anyone to tell them what to think) and do their own research.  They do not need to all think the same way and act like a herd.  And really, if they believe they can’t trust the government to do right for them, then why do they expect non-unionized people to just blindly trust the government without question?