Do unions own working people?

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I love how because union fatcats are going to lose some power over the workers (such as Wisconsin allowing workers to actually have the CHOICE to opt out of the collective and — gasp — still keep their job!!!), this attempt to stand up for taxpayers who foot the bill is somehow seen as an “attack on working people.”

Do unions own working people?  Do unions own the Middle Class?  Do people who are part of the Middle Class who don’t want to be part of a union or are simply not part of a union not count?  Do their voices not mean anything?  It would seem so, considering the rhetoric we see from the unions with their multimillion dollar ads.  Those ads are funded off the backs of workers FORCED to contribute to big, powerful labor unions who reward their executives with six figure salaries.  Forced union workers get no say in the salaries of these executives or the amounts of their forced donations wasted on ads.

What about owners of very small or micro businesses that are just getting started or barely getting by in this economic climate?  People, who for example, make even less than the typical low end of stateworker salaries.  Do they not count?  Oh wait, silly me, ANYONE who has taken a risk and tried to create something in the hopes of making their own way (rather than work under 17 layers of power hungry bureaucrats) no matter how little they are making, is AUTOMATICALLY an evil multimillionaire CEO (insert wicked, evil laughter sound effect here) exploiting everyone else.  Got it.

Like I’ve said before, and which has fallen on deaf ears, I love how the class envy/class warfare crowd seems to be blind to the six figure salary union fatcats, while they demonize people “not in the (Democrat) club” who makes the same.  The hypocrisy is blatant.

There are plenty of private sector workers who do not want to be unionized.  In fact, there are public sector workers who do not like being unionized.  They can make their own way, deal with their supervisors on their own, etc.  Somehow, it seems the big labor unions like to project the view that they speak for all workers.
Some workers can think and speak for themselves.  They do not need or want wealthy union fatcats speaking or thinking for them.

As to the claim that there would be “favoritism” without the unions, there is favoritism regardless.  Having worked in a union utopia state job in the past, I saw plenty of favoritism and promotions for specific people.  How did they do it?  They mastered the fine art of schmoozing, of course.  All the payments in the world to the union did nothing about this.
But it’s similar with other Democrat Party allied industries in my view.  Abortion businesses seem to think they speak for all women, even those opposed to slaughtering innocent little babies.   Each Democrat allied industry seems to try to create the image that they speak for, or possibly even own, persons who might fall into their sphere of influence.

To be honest, I am totally offended by the union rhetoric and that of the people who simply follow it without question.  It makes me believe they do not care about anyone who thinks differently from them and probably feel these people don’t count or shouldn’t even speak their views.  No, criticism of big union fatcats and their enforcement thugs is HARDLY an “attack on working people” or “an attack on working families.”  There are plenty of people who can and happily do live without creating a job for a six figure salary union bureaucrat.  These people do not care to receive numerous sacrificed trees worth of Democrat propaganda at their expense.  Yes, newsflash, some people like to think for themselves.  They do not need to be forced to pay for union propaganda to “suggest” to them how to vote, what they should believe, etc.  People who want it can get the same nonsense for free by reading the Huffington Post or watching MSNBC.

This is what the Democrat party is about in my opinion: divide and conquer.  It’s all identity politics.  It’s about treating everyone like a victim who can’t think for themselves and need to pay into some organization which then passes money to the Democrat party.  This will “protect” them from a fictional boogeyman.

In a massive fiscal crisis where people are getting fed up being in debt merely to transfer money to entrenched politicians, American serfs are waking up.  Everything is getting a second look.  Unions and other entrenched political institutions are simply not going to keep people under their heel forever.  In the age of the Internet where information is accessible, the self-appointed overlords are not able to keep the common people blind and obedient to their whims.  They cannot continue to feed them propaganda (which the unions force the common workers to pay for) and expect them to swallow it hook, line, and sinker.  People are seeing through it.  Temper tantrums and multimillion dollar campaigns (paid for courtesy the workers who have NO CHOICE but to pay union dues) are no longer being blindly accepted by the common people who foot the bills.

The message is falling flat.  People are waking up.  Times are changing.  Thank goodness.