Right to work rallies

Cross posted to Liberty Ink Journal

I think the union fatcat/thug temper tantrum is really helping the conservative cause. While I will not reveal locations (let union thugs find them for themselves), it seems 912 groups are having right to work rallies in various parts of the country.  Would this have happened had it not been for the giant spotlight the unions put on themselves?  No.

Personally, I have no problem with workers voluntarily choosing to organize.  Sometimes one person is better at speaking about issues than others.  Sometimes one person is more adept at legal research than others.  If a group of workers need to get together to go to the employer as a group, that’s fine.

Where I have a problem is the monstrosity created by big unions which are an industry unto themselves.  First, FORCING workers to donate hundreds or even thousands of dollars to a union hierarchy that has fatcats who make six figure salaries and put out millions of dollars in advertising is just wrong.  If the fatcats believe in their cause, let them volunteer their time or ask for voluntary donations.

People should have a right to work without being forced to belong to and pay for some collectivist group run by wealthy fatcats who have linked arms with the Democrat party.  (And, let’s make it clear that I’d object just as much if unions had their arms linked with Republicans.)  For the left who constantly says they are “pro-choice” this is yet another example in the long line of proof of their utter hypocrisy when they bandy about that term.  Forcing big unions down everyone’s throats is hardly “pro-choice.”

Having been forced against my will to be a union member in order to keep a job, my own opinion is that the union mentality is not much different than that of the fictional Borg in the Star Trek franchise.  While the fictional Borg drones used to chant “Resistence is futile.  ALL will be assimilated,” resistence to the big unions is not futile.  And in fact, the more the union facats push at a time of great fiscal crisis, the more public disgust and resistance grows.

What I also find amusing is that the class envy/class warfare seems to disappear when it comes to union fatcats making six figure salaries off the backs of workers.  Of course, it’s no different than trial lawyers or liberal politicians.  It is totally acceptable for them to make six figures, but totally “evil” for doctors or anyone else not in “special” occupations to make six figures.

There is nothing wrong with a union leader.  But if that person truly cares for the cause, let the person do it as a volunteer rather than get a six figure salary from forced dues.

There is nothing wrong with union newsletters.  But let people voluntarily choose to pay for them, especially when they carry political propaganda.  Don’t FORCE people to pay for them via dues.

The militant union mentality automatically assumes the employer is the enemy, and basically creates a rift between employer and worker when often both sides would like to get along.  States like New York have very extensive Labor Departments ready and willing to assess all sorts of punishments on employers who mistreat their workers.  In fact, as we hear that government is basically needed to save people from every possible problem that may happen in the world, why are workers being discriminated against by having to pay wealthy union fatcats for services the government already provides?  Afterall, union workers pay taxes.  Why get double taxed with union dues?

In any event, we truly are in an era of great change, even if Obama had not read the word “change” from his teleprompter a bazillion times in 2008.  The general public, which is on the hook for paying for all the government extravagances, is not in the mood to continue to shoulder the burden of bulky, leftover relics of the 20th century.  Big government unions, which forcibly take money from workers to create six figure salaries for their hierarchy and spend millions on commercials and political propaganda, trying to entrench their “industry,” are likely headed for the history books.