Obama and his teleprompter: Part 2

Happy new year, folks.  This is a continuation of my post from last year…

Take away the teleprompter and Obama has problems with gaffes.  He has no prior executive experience.  He has a history of voting present in the Illinois Senate.  He spent precious little time in the US Senate.  There is limited information about his time in college.  College is the time when peoples’ ideas are formed.  McCain and Bush released their rather dismal grades.  Obama has not released his grades or much of anything else about his time in college.  Despite his celebrated status as editor of the Harvard Law Review, he never published anything as editor.  To my knowledge, he did not publish anything in the Harvard Law Review at all.  I’m happy to get links in the comments proving me wrong on that last part.

As noted previously, Obama is supposedly a “Constitutional law professor.” He was editor of the Harvard Law Review, afterall.  His legal expertise should be stellar.  So, it’s funny that when he signed his first executive order, he had to ask his legal counsel for clarification when questioned about it.  His first executive order was to close Guantanamo Bay within one year, by the way.  How’s that going, nearly two years after the order was signed?  We’re told he’s highly intelligent, has the burden of being so bright, is a legal scholar, etc., so he should not need to defer to some other lawyer.

For someone who has been so overly hyped, the all too frequent uses of the teleprompter and problems when it’s not used are rather amusing.  Basically, any good actor can read a script written by someone else.  They just need a good stylist, some lessons on presentation, and how to get just the right dramatic pause.  Obama’s college years are shrouded in mystery.  His state level legislative record is loaded with voting “present.”  His extremely short national legislative record is limited at best.  But yes, he has made speeches read from a teleprompter and mesmerized some sheeple.

Considering the above, it seems to me that the only qualification for Obama to be president was that he happened to be the Democrat party’s nominee in 2008.  He was the latest fad, compared to what was basically a retread from the Clinton White House.  In fact, it would BE the Clinton White House all over again without Obama!  Sadly, all of this screams “empty suit” to me.

With precious few details released about Obama, and very little in the way of political experience prior to the presidency, the left is asking us to accept Obama’s alleged greatness on FAITH alone.  Release all of his college records and we’ll talk more.

I am reminded of a movie where a particular character was overly hyped.  People thought he would be able to solve all of their problems.  Other characters took a long journey filled with dangers to meet this character and beg for his help.  It was difficult to get an audience with the character.  He was an imposing figure: a large, floating, holographic head, with smoke everywhere and a booming voice.  Before he would provide the help they requested, he gave them a task which he likely expected would result in their doom — allowing him to avoid having to deal with their requests.  They managed to perform the task….and then this character was caught in a real bind.  He could not fulfill their requests so he tried to dodge.  He couldn’t be exposed as a fraud.  In the midst of all the excuses and dodging, a little dog pulled a curtain aside.  The floating head shouted “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!  The great and powerful Oz has spoken!”

For one who has been hyped so much, Obama should not need a teleprompter at all with the exception of long speeches.  And it is evident that he just reads whatever is on the screen.  It begs the question: Who is the person or people “behind the curtain” for Obama?

And with that in mind, I will continue to highlight the teleprompter.  If Obama was not hyped as much as he was while having to rely so heavily on these devices, I would certainly find something else to reference.