Assigning Arbitrary Values

One of the major differences between tea party people (as well as conservatives in general) vs. those who support gargantuan big government as practically the answer to every human problem is that while the former believe in letting the demand and market forces determine the value of a product or service, the latter believe in more arbitrary means.  Basically, the latter seem to want to set their own values on the worth of a product or service and expect others to just shut up and go along with it.  Party does not typically matter.  There are big government Republicans and once in a while, conservative Democrats.  With Pelosi no longer being Speaker wielding that big gavel, more conservative Democrats may grow a spine.

Anyway, back to the big government types.  This is why we have bailouts and garbage like TARP.  Bush claimed he “gave up his free market principles” to support TARP, yet let’s face it: Bush was a big government type anyway.  How much did he really “give up”?  Those who constantly put Bush down really aren’t that far away from him in a lot of ways.

We hear from the big government types that the “rich must pay their fair share” and such.  They want to just tax them to “help the poor” as in providing poor Michelle with a luxury trip to Spain or to a Christmas (sorry for being politically incorrect) vacation to Hawaii.  Those who have made something of themselves have to fund these very important government expenditures vital to our national survival, afterall.

So, on another blog site I made an offhanded remark about six figure salary college administrative bureaucrats and mentioned SOME professors getting the same, and it got the left all worked up in a lather.  Therefore, despite general animosity among the big government types about anyone making decent money, evidently there is an exception made for the big education industry.

Listen, I need the left’s here.  I’m just a tea party guy who believes in markets dictating value.  I’m not sophisticated enough to know it all and arbitrarily assign values, telling anyone who disagrees that they are just wrong, less intelligent, have problems, blah blah blah ad nauseum.  So, can the more sophisticated tell me which professions “deserve” high salaries and get a pass from the disdainful remarks about being part of the “wealthiest 1%” or “wealthiest 2%” or “wealthiest one half of one percent” or whatever appears on the current politician’s script written by a lackey who probably took ideas from a focus group?

I think I recognize a few:

– Anyone in the big education industry (as long as they’re not on the Texas Board of Education — and probably the same goes for any so-called “flyover” state — debt-ridden blue state ideals are “superior,” OF COURSE!)
– Union bureaucrats
– Ambulance chasing attorneys
– Politicians (retired or current)
– MSNBC talking heads as well as those involved with other liberal media
– Hollywood celebrities
– Executives of non-profits
– White House specialty chefs (at least during the present administration)

Here are the professions that absolutely do not deserve much in the way of salary and are to be looked down upon if I am understanding the big government crowd correctly:

– Business owners (unless it relates to the above)
– Plumbers (one was told directly by the Redistributor-in-Chief himself to “spread the wealth around” — the Redistributor had a hectic travel schedule planned for after he won the 2008 popularity contest)
– Anyone in the financial industry
– Anyone involved with any sort of conservative media — most especially Fox News!!

Considering #3, I’m not sure why the big government types supported TARP since it merely preserved the status quo with the financial industry.  It artificially propped up big businesses and executives that made mistakes.  I’m not sure what to make of it?  Maybe the big government types just like something to complain about?  Or maybe they like pinatas?  Yes, a pinata sounds like a good comparison.  These industries give out “candy” to big government politicians in case they need favors in the future, like more bail outs.

But anyway, help me out.  What other professions fit on these two lists?  As just a tea party guy, I’d like to know from the more sophisticated big government people.