Democrats: Lay Off Obama

(Note: The title means “Democrats, don’t pick on Obama.”  But if they wanted to lay off Obama by another meaning — as in a pink slip for lack of experience/utter incompetency, well, I wouldn’t really object to that.)

Look, I understand the left’s frustration.  To quote a certain former president who recently was given a brief moment to play president again while the guy currently holding the title went off to a party, I “feel your pain.”  I recognize that the left believes that when people work hard all their lives and pay taxes on their earnings, a significant portion of whatever property they have left must be turned over to the government to be redistributed in the form of hiring more government bureaucrats, funding the public portion of luxury trips for the first lady, etc.  Afterall, as we all know, funding these types of VERY important things is really “helping the poor.”  Shame on people for daring to want to pass their hard earned property down to their family members!  While those who are fortunate in many instances do find ways to give back to society, they might do it in ways that do not fund politicians and bureaucrats.  They might even do it in ways that allows people to help themselves rather than continue dependence on a bloated government.  Thus this doesn’t officially count in the class warfare mantra.

(Oh and cue the class warfare script.  Ultimately, the estate tax does not touch the likes of the ultra rich such as the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Gates, the Buffets, and other elites.  Those people have enough resources to build trusts and other entities to get around the estate tax.  It’s the people a few levels below them who are ultimately hit.  But I can hand it to the big government types: they don’t discriminate.  They’re happy to take it from both the deceased AND those yet to be born with their insatiable appetite for wreckless spending.)

Oh and lest I be accused of partisanship, the Republicans have shown an unwillingness to properly manage our money either.  But at least they don’t play the overused class warfare nonsense or tell us the money will “help the poor” when it really goes to fund political cronies.

But I digress.  This is not about the estate tax and whether the government is properly spending money.  This is about a more entertaining topic:  Democrat frustration with Obama.  What about a little unity over in that party?  I mean really, Pelosi and Reid skipping the tax bill signing just because they didn’t get what they wanted?  Pelosi is still in her waning days as Speaker, just as Reid is in his waning days as Majority Leader of a sizable majority.  Couldn’t they put their objections aside and stand with Obama?

As a conservative, I really should not have to be the one to ask for peace in the Democrat party.  Democrats need to come together behind a guy in the White House who happens to be in their party.  Like it or not, they’re stuck with him until at least January 20, 2013.  If Democrats do not feel Obama is being enough of a class warrior, well, hey, cut him a break.  He’s new at being an executive.  He hasn’t even had two years of on-the-job training.  He’ll learn.  Really, he was ONLY a US Senator for a short time and was not often on the job during that time. He was busy auditioning for the 2008 popularity contest aka 2008 presidential election.  It takes a lot to switch from occasionally voting present (on the times that he was actually in the Senate) to making real decisions as an executive.  Democrats had the chance to at least run someone who had done a full US Senate term and was into her second one.  Heck, she even had eight years of White House experience, no less.  They rejected her and chose Obama instead.  Deal with it.

It seems like only yesterday when the Democrats were wild about Obama.  He was a huge celebrity compared to the other guy, who Paris Hilton referred to as the “creepy white haired dude.” Obama ran all over the country, read stuff from his teleprompter about “hope,” “change,” “change we need” and “change we can believe in.”  The mesmerized sheeple chanted “yes we can.”  A few even fainted.  I’m sure Obama and his remaining supporters are pining away for those good old days.  There wasn’t anywhere near the responsibility he has now.

Can’t the Democrats just blame George W. Bush — or even Ronald Reagan for that matter — for every problem humanity has faced since the beginning of time?  Surely, that could keep them together.  They all once got behind Obama while he was campaigning against term limited George W. Bush.  They even stood behind him after Obama entered the White House and ran against George W. Bush.  Is this idea running out of steam now that Bush is fading further and further into the past?

The Democrats will PROBABLY run Obama again.  (That is, if the history of Franklin Pierce doesn’t repeat itself.  Pierce was another 48 year old who entered the presidency with high hopes and left it with everyone disliking him.  Democrats refused to run Pierce again in 1856.)  Really, who else do they have?  Hillary has been severely slimed by Wikileaks.  Dean is, well, Dean.  I think Mike Gravel is running.  Good luck, Mike.  Maybe they could run Jimmy McMillan?  Just like Obama — and Justin Beiber too — Jimmy McMillan he has a doll in his likeness.  Maybe the sheeple could chant “Rent is too DAMN high!”?  But lack of any decent candidates means that Obama still has to win against a Republican.  Thus, to avoid a “shellacking” like Pelosi just got, he really has to triangulate.  This will allow Obama to repeat Clinton’s success in winning a second term.  He has to look out for number one; liberal principles are absolutely secondary to Obama’s need to win a second term.  He doesn’t like losing.  Everything is secondary to his own political career.

So really, Democrats must give him a chance.  (Didn’t they tell conservatives this at the beginning of the era of “hope and change”?)  Afterall, where can they go?  Obama might be slightly disappointing to Democrats, but at least he can be depended upon to generally push a liberal agenda.

Really, this whole thing is not Obama’s fault.  Pelosi and Reid dawdled about avoiding raising taxes on the middle class.  Were they waiting for Obama to bark an order to them — like he did with ObamaCare — before they would act?  Have they forgotten that the legislative branch is not subordinate to the executive branch?  One could get that impression when it comes to how they acted with ObamaCare.  They knew the expiration of the tax cuts was coming.  They should have dealt with this before the election in which Pelosi received her shellacking.  They could have gotten exactly what they wanted — full class warfare — but they failed to bring it up.  They chose to be slackers.  Obama was not going to preside over an income tax increase on the middle class.  He has an election to win.