I thought Bush ONLY cut taxes for “the rich”

I don’t understand this whole debate about whether to preserve any of the Bush tax cuts.  During the Bush era,  all we heard from the leftwing echo chamber was that the Bush tax cuts ONLY went to the richest 1%.  Sometimes the echo chamber upped that to 2%.  So really, the left should be for letting ALL of the Bush tax cuts expire.  Afterall, they claimed the tax cuts only affected “the rich.”  This claim was used by high profile Democrat politicians like Obama, Kerry, Hillary, John Edwards, and others all the way down to the regular joes who identify themselves as liberal.

But now we have this discussion about preserving “Bush tax cuts for the middle class.”  Can’t the left get its class warfare rhetoric straight?  If Bush only cut taxes for the wealthiest 1% or 2% (depending on the liberal script of the day and whatever happened to be fed into Obama’s teleprompter), what is there to preserve for the middle class?  I can’t imagine the likes of Obama, Kerry, Hillary, John Edwards, and almost every other liberal politician were incorrect when they claimed the Bush tax cuts were only for the rich.  Really, that’s a big mistake to make.  I mean, since the liberals are now saying they want to preserve Bush tax cuts for the middle class, why, that might mean virtually every liberal was wrong in their previous claims.

How could this be?  We know liberals are supposed to be honest and trustworthy with everything.  So, if they said the Bush tax cuts were only for the rich, then those tax cuts must have only been for the wealthiest 2% at most.  Nothing to see here.  There were no tax cuts for the middle class because liberals said they were only for the rich.  And back in February 2009 Obama said the stimulus had to be passed as soon as possible to keep unemployment from going above 8%.  Oh, yeah that’s right, unemployment is hovering at 9.5%.

I’m in awe about how the liberal script changes so quickly and liberals just play along.  Even into this year, liberals were insisting the Bush tax cuts were exclusively for “the rich.”  As the year wound down, there seemed to be this sudden effort to at least preserve the tax cuts for the middle class.  You can’t preserve something that allegedly never happened.

The fact is that Bush’s tax cuts were across the board.  People at the lowest rungs on the economic ladder stopped having to pay taxes as a result of the Bush tax cuts that the left loved to demonize.  (Bear in mind this is the same group of people who cut future food stamps to support big unions in the second “stimulus.”)  The left played the class warfare game saying these ONLY affected the rich, which was blatantly false.  Now they have to fix this problem fast before the average joe liberal suddenly notices a decrease in their first January paycheck.  That is, if the average joe liberal still has a job in the Obama “stimulated” economy…

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