Pelosi saves the day....for the Democrat status quo

As we all know, Pelosi is still in charge of the US House….until January.  That means she can use that power to appease tender egos and make sure the entire House Democrat leadership still has titles and still remains in power over their members.  To avert a “Democrat family feud” of sorts, she created a new title for James Clyburn who otherwise might lose a position when the next Congress begins.  (And likely, his position gives him a greater salary than the rank and file, piling more debt on the taxpayers.)   This is of course a Democrat leadership that has presided over a minimum 60 seat loss for their party, taking them from majority status to minority.  Nevermind that of the other Democrats who actually survived the “shellacking,” there might be some who don’t have the same tired old ideas of the status quo.  They could provide new ideas to help move the country forward.  But instead, the failed leadership of the Pelosi/Hoyer/Clyburn triumvirate feels it needs to continue hold power in its clutches.

So now, apparently Pelosi supporters are blaming Obama for failing to communicate (hey, he HAS a teleprompter and really knows how to use it….what more do they want from him???).  Really, give Obama a break.  Just because he has lost a number of high profile officials before he’s even been in office a full two years, it’s not like he was Speaker of the House and presided over a minimum 60 seat loss in that chamber.

Why is there such infighting among the Democrats?  I mean really, why blame each other for the “shellacking”?  Can’t they just blame George W. Bush and get it over with?

So apparently, Heath Shuler is going to oppose Pelosi as a gesture to show the dissatisfaction among blue dog Democrats.  Well, I can understand their dissatisfaction.  Afterall, the blue dogs took the brunt of the “shellacking.”  Of course, as that is the case, Shuler’s run for Minority Leader is a joke.  The hard left members of his party who remain would much prefer the same old failed leadership of the past.

Shuler wishes Pelosi would take a lesson from the loss and step aside.  And Democrat Russ Feingold of Wisconsin likely wishes he’d be starting a new term next January.  This is Nancy Pelosi.  She’s not going to let go of power unless she happened to get voted out of her House seat.

Moderate Democrats lost in this election regardless of whether or not they voted for ObamaCare or the “stimulus” or any of the other heavy handed bills the Democrats rammed down our throats in the reign of “hope and change.”  Why?  The fact that they were Democrats enabled the hard left members to have control of the US House.  Their identification with the party ended their political careers.  They were the victims of extreme policies from the likes of Pelosi, Waxman, Frank, etc.  Many of the moderate Democrats came from conservative leaning or centrist districts.  Many were elected in 2006 and 2008 in years that favored Democrats across the country.  People gave Democrats a chance.  Pelosi and Obama went overboard, so people in these districts decided to oust the status quo.

There will always be areas (mostly urban, but not always) that believe in government dependency and increased government control over our lives.  A majority in those districts will vote accordingly.  Thus the hard left Democrats remain.  For a party that promotes bigger government and more power over people’s lives in the hands of government bureaucrats, naturally their members would crave power for themselves.  So, it is understandable that the Pelosi/Hoyer/Clyburn triumvirate wants to maintain control.

But this triumvirate is useful to conservatives.  Liberals like to invoke George W. Bush over and over again, despite the fact that Bush is term limited out and will never ever be able to serve as president again.  But unlike Bush, Pelosi remains in office and will likely remain as the top Democrat in the US House.  She is the personification of what people rejected on November 2nd.  The question can be asked “Do you want Pelosi to return as Speaker and ram more of her San Francisco extremist hard left, big government agenda down the throats of the American people?”

The message the American people sent was NOT that they supported Republicans.  It was that they were fed up with the extreme policies of Pelosi and Obama.  If the Democrats in the US House put Pelosi/Hoyer/Clyburn in charge again, it shows Democrats aren’t listening to the American people.  And in that case, the Democrats deserve to stay in the minority, with hopefully an even smaller minority resulting from the 2012 elections.  If that happens, what will be the object of Pelosi’s blame then?

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