Pelosi says it's not about her

As I’ve said, Nancy Pelosi is clearly the gift that keeps on giving.  She insists the historic “shellacking” (to use the word her dear friend Barry O. used) was not because of her.   Goodness, and I thought people said OBAMA was the narcissist!  If it’s not about her, then why does she keep having to bring herself up?  If it’s not about her, why not step aside and give someone else a chance?  Both current Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and current Majority Whip James Clyburn played a role in bringing in the votes to ram Obama’s agenda down the American peoples’ throats.  So, give one of them a chance to lead the Democrat House members.  Obviously, they have shown they too can “get things done.”  And of course, like Pelosi, they were two of the House Democrats who survived the “shellacking.” So, by surviving the “shellacking,” they’re qualified to lead the few Democrats who will actually remain in the US House starting this January.

Or, just try someone else.  Weren’t the Democrats all about “change we can believe in”?  What?  Do they want to scrap that ideal after a mere two years?

But if it’s not about Pelosi, then why were some her own Democrats running ads against her?

So, now Pelosi says the high unemployment is the reason the Democrats got such a rebuke from the American people.  But let’s go back a little bit to, oh, I don’t know, February 2009.  Wasn’t Obama reading lines from his teleprompter saying we needed the so-called “stimulus” in order to prevent unemployment from going above 8.0%?  Last I heard, 9.5% unemployment is just a bit higher than 8.0%.  Pelosi pushed the “stimulus” through the House in the early days of the era of “hope and change.”  To hear the Democrats talk, this was supposed to solve our economic problems.  Now, just under two years later, she’s going to blame unemployment for the historic loss of her party??

Wasn’t it Pelosi who said ObamaCare was about creating jobs?   So, why weren’t people so excited about ObamaCare that they not only reelected every Democrat who voted for ObamaCare by a 20% margin, but actually increased their majority?

Like anyone else in Congress, Pelosi is supposed to be doing what is good for the country.  Right now the economy is not good.  Pelosi has had almost four years as Speaker of the House.  Under her watch, the economy tanked and is now stagnant.  She will have been Speaker for nearly the first two years of the era of “hope and change.”  Sadly, she did not perform well.  If the Democrats were smart, they would try someone new as Minority Leader or at least promote Hoyer or Clyburn.  However, as a conservative, I truly don’t mind if they stick with the same old failed politician of the past.

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