Tea Party Movement Survival

We constantly hear prognostications from the left that the tea party movement is “not going to survive” or the tea party movement is “in trouble,” etc.  The left typically says this because some parts of the movement take one position or another that the left does not like.  In fact, let’s face it: they really don’t like the movement at all.  Their attempts to write an obituary for the tea party sounds more like wishful thinking on their part.  Great Britain did not expect the United States to survive for very long either.

The tea party is a decentralized, leaderless movement.  It is not a single organization.  It is not a political party.  It is therefore impossible to survive or not survive, despite all the dire predictions from the left.  It does not even matter if groups continue to refer to themselves as “tea party” groups.

The original Boston Tea Party of 1773 was a one day event.  It was a form of protest and the ideals continued, resulting in the formation of a new nation.

In present times, the modern tea party ideals will continue whether or not the name stays or whether specific individual groups keep meeting.  People will continue to wake from their slumber.  People will continue to take an interest in the Constitution and our Founding Fathers.  People will continue to support fiscal and/or social views that the left might not like.  We are not here to get approval from the left.

Why can I say the above with confidence?  There are people who do not consider themselves members of any “tea party” group who share these ideals and are also fed up with the status quo.  There are people who have focused for years on particular issues that various tea party people support.  Ultimately, the tea party movement merely sheds new light and promotion on these issues.  Most importantly, it pushes the idea of people taking interest in and being engaged in the political process.  This has been desired by various groups long before the tea party movement.  But the genie is out of the bottle.  Americans have woken up and more will continue to get involved.

The mainstream media has for the most part tried to put the tea party movement in a box and attempted to cast it in a negative light.  Meanwhile, the liberal politics as usual that the mainstream media largely supports is bankrupting future generations and alienating ordinary Americans.  Ratings/subscriptions for the mainstream media in its various formats continue to decrease.  The efforts of the mainstream media to belittle the tea party have only managed to give the movement and its ideals more free publicity than any of the alleged “backers” could provide.  Thanks, mainstream media!

Then there is the left itself.  As long as the left continues to complain and/or insult the tea party, they provide free publicity.  Insult the movement in a sanctimonious and arrogant manner and the left will continue to bring people into the tea party movement.  Create counter movements and the left will help to reenergize those tea party members who have become burned out.

Frankly, when it comes to survival of the tea party movement, the left with its numerous criticisms may help to prop it up moreso than if the movement was ignored.  But rest assured that whether the movement under the name “tea party” goes away or not, the ideals are here to stay.  And there will always be people to keep advancing those ideals.