Why would Scott Murphy (D-NY 20) need Bill Clinton’s help?

There are so few days between now and election day.  There are numerous Democrat Senators and Congresspersons who need a boost in their sagging fortunes.  Obama has been campaigning for various politicians, but his track record of campaigning for politicians such as Jon Corzine (ex-governor of New Jersey) and Martha Coakley (failed candidate for US Senate from Massachusetts) is not so good — in blue states, no less.  Enter Bill Clinton.  Clinton is doing marathon campaigning, causing liberals to get all nostalgic about his days as president.  It’s so strange how they didn’t have that nostalgia just a couple of years ago when he had an opportunity to reenter the White House as a “tag along,” so to speak.

Anyway, with such limited time, Clinton has to be sent to the places where he is needed most.  Democrats who will be coasting to reelection can’t take away from his precious time.  In New York’s 20th Congressional district, there is a “nice guy” named Scott Murphy.  He tells us he’s a businessman and he created jobs (forgetting to mention where those jobs were created) and that he wants to get the government out of the way.  Sounds great.  But there is one teeny tiny little problem.  Murphy has this pesky and annoying thing called a record.  It’s really a nuisance and something he didn’t have to deal with when he ran the first time around.  Murphy’s record of voting for almost all of Nancy Pelosi’s big government binges sort of contradicts all this cutesy talk about supporting small business and wanting to get the government out of the way.

Murphy said he supported the so-called “stimulus.”  (He was unable to vote for it because he was not in office at the time of the vote.)  He voted for Cap and Trade.  He flip flopped and voted for ObamaCare.  He voted for the second stimulus for his big union buddies, “paying for it” by cutting future food stamps.  (I thought Democrats like to proclaim they are for the poor?)  He claimed he wanted to support extending the Bush tax cuts for middle and lower class Americans starting in 2011, but then voted to adjourn the House before this very important vote could take place.  But we were told by liberals in their blogs that Murphy was absolutely going to win this race handily.  Not only did people not want a Republican but they certainly did not want one that actually had tea party support!

Murphy’s campaign has lots of money from Democrat Congresspersons in safe seats.  Afterall, he has carried their water and he was rewarded.  He also has money from Wall Street, trial lawyers, and various other sources from outside the 20th district.  He’s wealthy himself and can afford to loan money to his campaign.  Surely money should do the trick.  He could flood the airwaves with fables about his opponent, Colonel Chris Gibson.  Murphy’s ads said Gibson cut Medicare by 75%.  Gosh, isn’t that something?  Colonel Gibson was overseas protecting our country, and has never been in Congress.  But somehow, Murphy’s ad claims Gibson managed to do this.  I’m not sure how that’s possible but Murphy’s ad said it happened.

So Murphy’s got money.  He’s got this shtick about being a businessman who just wants to get the government out of the way (he just needs a laugh track to go along with it) and the liberals say he’s going to win.  What more could he need?  Well, evidently, something is going wrong.  On the day before the election, Bill Clinton is taking precious time out of his very busy schedule to campaign with Scott Murphy.  This is time that could be used to help other Democrats scrambling for votes.  And if Murphy has this in the bag, why would Bill Clinton need to be sent here?  It just seems so odd.

But maybe Scott Murphy and Bill Clinton will soon have something in common.  I mean, Bill Clinton is out of office…