Students Given Sample Ballots Listing Only Democrats

Of course, I’m SURE this was JUST an accident here.  An attorney for the Cincinnati Public Schools admits students were taken to vote during school hours and given sample ballots which happened to only list Democrat candidates.  The ballots were provided by a former school employee who is not currently employed by the school.

The school system’s attorney agreed that the sample ballots only listed Democrats; the school just had nothing to do with handing out said ballots (according to their attorney).  Okay, so let’s give the school district the benefit of the doubt here.  What I’d like to know is why someone would possibly do this?  I mean, aren’t Democrats and their supporters all about education, reason, knowledge, information, choice, hope & change, etc.?  Shouldn’t the students be able to make their own decisions upon seeing all the candidates (yes, including those terrible, horrible Republicans!) in the various races?

As we know, name recognition is a powerful thing.  So, those who are not following the issues and are not generally paying attention may respond to a name they have seen before.  If they have just seen the names of only Democrats before they go to cast their votes…

I’m not suggesting Democrats had anything to do with this.  But obviously, someone at minimum was, um, uh…negligent here (unintentionally, I’m sure).  Democrats should stand on their record and their supporters should keep this in mind.  If the public likes things such as the debt-laden “stimulus,” ObamaCare, etc., then naturally Democrats will be returned to office to provide even more along these lines.  But why would anyone want to deny people knowledge about the other candidates?  Victory is sweeter when the challenge is greater.  Democrats have shown strength in muscling through Obama’s agenda on many party line or near party line votes.  So, as we are talking about schools, Democrats should not fear the “grade” given to them by the public for their work.  For anyone to engage in silly information-hiding tactics like this is just so unbecoming.

In fact, it should be denounced.  Democrats should want nothing to do with this at all!