Obama Campaigning in Delaware?!?

Obama may have limitless funds to travel all over and spew carbon into the environment (which liberals say is causing global warming, climate change, or the term du jour….oh excuse me, it’s okay when Obama pollutes the environment).  Afterall, he has an unlimited “credit card” of sorts guaranteed by the hardworking US taxpayer in the midst of a recession.  But all the money in the world from US taxpayers cannot stretch time for him between now and election day.  Taking a break from vacations for the moment, he has a lot of VERY important things to do: golf, Democrat fundraisers, campaigning for Democrats, a “town hall” where MTV is casting an audience (scroll to the 10/7/2010 entry), and other serious things like that which so clearly helps the nation in general.  This close to election day, he must choose his taxpayer funded campaign stops wisely and assist those most seriously in need of his “help.”  As we all know, Obama did a great job for ex-new Jersey Governor Corzine and Massachusetts US Senate candidate Coakley!

So, Obama has a trip to the blue state of Delaware this week.  The Washington Post spins this as a way to highlight Christine O’Donnell to “rally the troops” (liberal voters, not military voters, who his attorney general Eric Holder is dragging his feet to protect).  Okay, if that’s really the case, then why is he dissing New York?  Hey Obama, New York has Carl Paladino!  Similar rhetoric is spewed about Paladino as it is about O’Donnell.  Come up to New York and “help” Status Cuomo.  Please…  Afterall, New York gave Obama far more electoral votes than tiny little Delaware!

But back to O’Donnell.  Listening to the rhetoric, Coons is going to be the next Senator from Delaware.  Afterall, we hear how O’Donnell is so “unqualified,” her views are “way out there,” blah blah blah ad nauseum.  Coons shouldn’t even need to campaign and Obama shouldn’t need to waste his time in Delaware.  If the rhetoric from the left is a guide, Delaware is a “slam dunk” for the Democrats.  Obama would be just as productive if he spent his time campaigning for Leahey in Vermont or something.

And what is Obama going to say in Delaware?  O’Donnell’s support is coming from Americans, not cartoon characters or something.  So is Obama, who is supposed to be the president of everyone and not just the left, going to call some of the hardworking American people who pay for his taxpayer funded campaign stops “kooks” or whatever?  Is he going to imply that they are “stupid” for not supporting his choice?  Some of Obama’s speeches keep talking about “they.”  Well, “they” includes common American supporters, not just Republican politicians.  So, the president is putting himself against a segment of the American people.

The spin from the Washington Post is kind of silly.  Again, we have so few days before election day and Obama has a full schedule.  Delaware should be the LEAST of his concerns.  He’s got Reid in Nevada, his old Illinois seat, Murray in Washington, Sestak in neighboring Pennsylvania, a Senate race in the swing state of Ohio, Feingold in Wisconsin, Carnahan in Missouri, a Senate race in the swing state of Colorado, and numerous House races where there is trouble.  Longtime Democrat career politicians who have spent decades losing touch inside the beltway like Barney Frank, John Dingell, etc. may be getting pink slips.  These are in blue states.  Where is Obama’s “help” for them?

If this is to give spillover for places like Pennsylvania as is claimed, hey, why not just go TO Pennsylvania and campaign for Sestak directly?  There are more voters in PA and it’s going to take a lot more voters to persuade than tiny Delaware.  Forget media spillover to the left-leaning eastern edge of PA.  Go to the central and western parts of the state.  Besides, in an era of 24 hour cable news, Obama could claim conservatives are “extremist” anywhere in the country and have it beamed into PA homes.  There is no reason to waste his precious time in Delaware —- unless there is the possibility that O’Donnell could pull it out….