Coffee, Anyone?

Politics aside, I don’t drink tea or coffee much.  But if given the choice, I drink tea.  I only have coffee on very rare occasions….if it’s the base of some specialty beverage.  And I have those very rarely due to the calories involved.  Afterall, what would Lady Michelle Obama, self-appointed Czar of Calorie Counting, Salt Allowance, French Fry Allowance, Restaurants, Carrot Vending Machines, School Lunch Programs, Six Figure Luxury Trips to Spain, and, um, uh, er, “Fashion,” say?

But let’s get back to politics.  The left calls the tea party “neanderthals,” “angry,” “stupid,” etc.  We’re also even referred to as a “micro minority.”  (And in that sense, if we truly are a “micro minority,” then the left should not be concerned about us.)  One could easily argue that a major force in keeping the movement going is the very attention provided to it by the left.

The mainstream media mentions the tea party far too often for such a “micro minority.” And afterall, various studies, quoted by the likes of Daily Kos diarists named KingOneEye try to tell us the tea party movement is irrelevant.

But with all these studies saying we’re unimportant and the mainstream media constantly showering us with attention, one would think the left would bolster their own movement: the Coffee Party.  Hey, did you know they apparently just had a convention of coffee drinkers or whatever?  No, I didn’t either until I decided to look at their web site.

I recently visited the Midwest and saw various billboards with tea party messages.  Yet when I drive around the liberal Northeast, I don’t see any Coffee Party billboards.  I have yet to see a Coffee Party rally with signs touting whatever it is they want to tout.  I don’t hear about any Democrats getting “Coffee Party support.”

If the tea party is so scary, why isn’t the left SERIOUSLY mobilizing a group to counter it?  I mean really, looking at the Coffee Party site, they have almost 301,000 fans on Facebook.  Of course, it’s easy to just click the “Like” button once and forget about it.  What are they really doing?  On the other hand, if the tea party movement is irrelevant as various “studies” claim, then why is anyone concerned?

What’s wrong?  The left has a group structure already set up in the Coffee Party and it just needs to catch on.  Could it be that maybe leftwing ideas are no longer attractive to anyone outside of the leftwing activist crowd?

And really, why does the left find a need to respond to blog posts with tea party ideals?  If they feel the need to counter us, they must have a concern.  If they ignored us, they would be telling us we are not important to them.  And if we are a concern to them, why just post little blog responses?  Why not fill their coffee cups, so to speak?