Gibson Demonstrates He Would Equally Represent Supporters of Opponent

At the Gibson/Murphy debate for New York’s 20th Congressional District seat held on August 26th in Glens Falls, there were sign waves for both politicians.  I was not able to attend the sign wave myself.  Fellow tea party member Tom Reale gave me permission to post the following report of the event.  (Note the reference to Saratoga refers to a sign wave for Colonel Gibson held in Saratoga Springs on August 20th.  House Minority Leader John Boehner appeared for a fundraiser for Colonel Gibson.  Moveon.org protested that event.)

Outside the debate last night we had a very solid turnout of supporters. I think the Murphy people were surprised to see us already there when they showed up, and surprised that the majority of us stayed to welcome Mr. Murphy and COL Gibson when they finished the debate.

One thing that impressed me about COL Gibson – before the debate started he shook hands with as many people that were in attendance as he could, including those who had turned out to support Murphy. He even chatted with a couple of them for a short time. Those people may be supporting his opponent, but COL Gibson clearly understands that when he wins, those people will be his constituents, too. I may be wrong, but I didn’t see Mr. Murphy reaching out to the legions of Gibson supporters that were there (he may have, I just didn’t see it myself). Aren’t we his constituents NOW?

Like in Saratoga, I sought out some Murphy supporters to chat with. The first one I encountered was, unfortunately, a very angry fellow who decided that my support of lower taxes and less government meant that I didn’t think I should pay any taxes and we should have no army or police, and nothing I could say would convince him otherwise. He stood next to a strange looking woman with wavy gray hair who was adamant that “Scott works for us” (she shouted it into a bullhorn repeatedly, as though it would come true if she said it often enough). But I did chat for a good 45 minutes with a woman, and later, her husband as well, who were Murphy supporters and we touched on a number of issues in mutual respect. It’s good to know that some of the people on the other side are very honest about wanting real dialog. I think we even managed to convince each other of a couple of things. 🙂

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