Does Scott Murphy Know His Own Voting Record?

Last night, incumbent Democrat Congressman Scott Murphy (NY-20) debated challenger Chris Gibson at a forum closed to the public in Glens Falls, NY.  Mere constituents of Mr. Murphy (the people he is supposed to represent) who did not also happen to have press credentials or hold membership in the sponsoring group, were not welcome.  Contrast that to Colonel Gibson, who has held many public forums throughout the district and provided his schedule and an ongoing invitation to the incumbent Congressman to appear with him.

My source indicated that if one did not know Murphy’s record, they would think he was economically conservative and actually represented the overall views of this district.  Murphy allegedly called himself a “fiscal hawk” and a “fiscal conservative.”  This language is consistent with the rhetoric contained in thousands of dollars worth of taxpayer funded mailings Murphy sends out to constituents.  Without even scratching the surface of Mr. Murphy’s voting record, it is easy to say he is vastly different from what he claims to be.  Does Murphy actually know his own record?

From what I was told about the opening statements, they basically summed up the priorities and outlooks of both candidates.  Gibson apparently put his focus on would be constituents and the challenges they face including concerns for their needs such as jobs, freedoms, etc.  Murphy allegedly focused on himself and on Washington DC.

My source indicated that throughout the debate, Murphy smirked quite a bit.  This evidently happened during inappropriate times such as when Gibson brought up very serious problems associated with legislation Murphy supported.  While allegedly smirking at the plight of constituents is not right, I suppose his apparent performance at a last minute town hall held in Halfmoon, NY could be considered worse.  When I hear reports like this, I guess I can understand why the Honorable Congressman Murphy ducked the numerous opportunities Colonel Gibson provided for the both of them to appear together in front of the public, including people Mr. Murphy represents.

Each candidate was asked to name three things they would do if elected.  I am told that Colonel Gibson talked about growing the economy, tax/regulatory relief, reining in bureaucracy, balancing the budget, and protecting our freedoms.  Murphy apparently only focused on one thing: getting the government out of the way.  Is he kidding?  With his record of voting for unconstitutional big government boondoggles like ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, the second “stimulus,” the DISCLOSE Act,  giving support for the original FAILED “stimulus,” and saying he supports card check??  Again, I must ask: Does Scott Murphy really know his own voting record?

Mr. Murphy has not even been in Washington, DC for a full term yet in my opinion he seems to already be suffering from the syndrome of being out of touch —- a problem shared by many career politicians who have spent decades in DC.  Perhaps the voters will be kind enough to offer poor Mr. Murphy an antidote for his problem — on November 2nd.

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