Florida 2012 senate race

The republicans in Florida had better get their act together. They are currently looking at the Rubio Revolution where it appears that he will be their 2010 nominee for the senate. In the Orlando straw poll recently Marco Rubio came in first again.The surprise however was that Libratarian candidate Alex Snitker came in second beating both Charlie Crist  and the democrat Kendrick Meek.

In 2012 who do the republicans have to run for the seat being held by Bill Nelson? Bill Nelson is in for an unwelcome surprize when his own party dumps him in favor of congresswoman Kathy Castor. Castor is a protege of Nancy Pelosi and will have no problem defeating Nelson in the primaries. Had it not been for the republicans nominating Katherine Harris in 2006 the democrats were ready to throw Nelson to the wolves back then.

Once this year’s primary is over and Rubio is the party’s nominee the republican leadership in Florida needs to begin looking at a candidate they can unite behind. While it is nieve to think that there won’t be a primary they need field a candidate that is true to the core beliefs of the party of Ronald Reagan.  Someone either man or woman who is a fiscal conservative and will see the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the road map to governance not an impediment.

Looking at the political landscape today, there are no emerging stars on the republican horizon that can step forward. Those now serving in congress have lost their way, they are addicted to spending, the use of earmarks, and the undeserved perks given to senators and representatives just by serving in congress.

They should not be so foolish as to think that the democrats are not planning for 2012. They started that planning in 2007. Republicans had better start thinking about the long term strength and health of the party here in Florida. They have started by shedding themselves of the corrupt party leadership. Now they need to do some serious party rebuilding.

Rebuilding of the Florida republican party does not start at the state level, you need to go precinct by precinct and challenge on every election. This also means fielding candidates that believe in the Constitution of both the United States and Florida. Candidates who dont just say something to get elected then slip into bed with the lobbyists and special intrest groups once in office. Florida republicans need candidates who will reign in the out of control spending designed to apease groups like SEIU.

They need to be able to hold these elected officals feet to the fire if they aren’t doing the peoples business. They also need the right to recall federally elected officals who put party interests above those of Florida. Too long have members of the house and senate choosen the wants and desires of their political party over the need of their state.

Bill Nelson has been a party lap dog doing the bidding of his party leadership in the hopes of holding on to his office. In 2012 he will learn how little that means to them.  Kathy Castor is firmly embedded in the progressive left theology which means she unlike Bill Nelson is of value the them. Florida Republicans need to find a candidate that will be up to the task. I don’t care if that candidate is black, white, asian/pacific islander, native American or hispanic, nor do I care if the candidate is a man or woman.