John McCain progressive republican

John McCain’s military career was laudable and his time in a Vietnameese prison camp is deserving of the up most respect, that being said that was 3 decades ago. The John McCain of today has given us a campaign finance reform bill that opened a watershed of funding for the progressive left. He authored immigration reform that if it had passed would have made a mockery of our laws. John McCain has become the very thing that Ronald Reagan railed against , a voice that is destroying the conservative heart of the republican party.He has become a progressive. Sarah Palin and Scott Brown have the right to tie their fates to this falling republican star but they need to remember that he will show them the same loyalty that they are showing him.This man will do anything it takes to ensure that his political career extends until this time on this earth is done. He has no quams about running the conservatives into the ground or destroying the republican party as long as his political legacy continues. The time has come for John to do whats best for conservatives and republicans and retire. He is not now nor do I think he ever was a Ronald Reagan republican. If he were then his actions would have shown it As a retired Light Attack sailor he should be able to understand that he’s been catching the 4 wire lately. Every politician comes to the end of their time in office does he have ability to leave with dignity? That has yet to be seen.