Is Obama too Big to Fail?

On the heels of a 414-0 budget defeat I wonder just how much the folks are sold on Obama getting reelected. Obama still doesn’t even crack 50% in Gallop or Rasmussen for job approval even though the so called main stream media cheerleads for him daily. My thinking is that when the ads begin to run and asks the simple question.  “Are you better off now than they were four years ago”? How could anyone with a straight face say yes?

Many will look at Obama’s track record of the enormous amount of wasteful spending with little to show for it. Gas prices will certainly be another Achilles heel having more than doubled since he assumed the Presidency. The apologizing escapade he went on the first year of his Presidency should also be another example of his ineffectiveness. How about the fact that he has constantly berated our troops? I could go on and on but people that are informed understand that Obama is a failed President.   

Another little problem that should be heading the Presidents way is the hot mic moment he had a few days ago. This should alarm most folks. It certainly does me.  He was pretty much telling Russia that they will have free reign if he gets a second term. I guess as for as world powers go the US in Obama’s mind will fall to 3rd place behind China and Russia. This is truly sad that this country could possibly sink this low all because of a President who has shown absolutely no leadership.   

I will give the President credit for one major accomplishment though. He has in fact given away millions to so called green companies. Of course most have failed and wasted all the money but according to most Democrats this would be touted as a success.  He also has socially transformed the lifestyles of many millions of Americans by giving them free stuff so they will be beholden to the government. Think about the impact that this will have on our future.


 I know the dems are desperate to cover for their failed leader but he being reelected totally and completely defies logic….  

I do hope my many readers will enjoy the paragraphs. LOL…