Trayvon Martin and the Democrat Partys Dillemma

The left is in full spin mode now that the crazies of the New Black Panther Party has assumed the spotlight in the Trayvon Martin controversy. They are in fact an arm of the Democrat party though. It’s just another example of how out of touch the Dem party has become to average folks. The NBP are embraced until of course they do something as crazy as putting a bounty on someone’s head until all the evidence is presented. The more we hear about this story the more evidence mounts that Zimmerman acted in self defense. He did have a broken nose and a head injury but all that evidence is brushed aside by the lefties. A witness stated that he was the one screaming for help but that is all but ignored by the left and race hustlers alike. Yet liberals still call for his head. Honestly though the left has taken this opportunity to bash FOX news yet on the other hand give Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the like a pass for stoking fear in black folks that white America is out to getum…. Of course if these career race hustlers didn’t have the job of keeping black folks afraid they themselves certainly wouldn’t have job. This whole situation has become an embarrassment to justice and democracy all perpetuated by the left… They should be ashamed

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