The Tea Party Verses the OWS

I’d like to compare and contrast both groups starting first with their specific messages. The Tea Party believes in less government, cutting spending and personnel responsibility. The OWS believes in more government, more spending, and less personal responsibility. It’s really that simple even though some pundits and even some politicians have tried to compare the two groups. Comparing these groups is not only dishonest it’s simply a downright lie! Next let’s take a look at the actions and demeanor of both groups while trying to “have their voice heard”. The Tea Party waves flags and has speakers who promote the greatness of the United States along with the faults that lies within. Afterward they clean up and go home. The OWS folks beat drums and chant endless incoherent messages while camping and polluting a particular area for days on end. Could this be a good comparison? I don’t think so. Again comparing these two groups is like comparing a rocket ship to a toy airplane. But then again if you only watch or listen to the so called main stream media you would think they stand for the same cause.