How To Love

I probably don’t agree with “Lil Wayne” about much but his video “How To Love” is very interesting. It certainly sends a pro life message to African-American’s as well as all Americans. The video shows the stark difference between a government upbringing and a loving parental upbringing. It points out that if you show your children support and love that they will turn out to be productive citizens in most cases.


The reality that is shown in this video is that it has become a constant cycle. A constant cycle of having children out of wedlock and the dependence on tax payer’s to fund your life and your habits. Why do so many children grow up in homes where they have absolutely no support? I don’t have the answer but I do know that throwing more money at the problem won’t solve it. Giving parents more money to support kids that they care nothing about is unrealistic. But the redistribution crowd led by President Obama is trying to do that exact thing.  


I hope African Americans take heed of what Herman Cain said recently about many of them being brainwashed. The fact they many won’t even listen to Republicans and what they have to say. I guarantee that on social issues like being pro life and supporting traditional marriage that they fully align with the Republican Party. Entitlements are about the only issue Democrats have to run on. Or should I say to scare with….