What does the Obama and his supporters actually care about?


Yesterday I submitted a petition to repeal health care on Obama’s White House website. I registered under my name and email address just like the rules stated. Of course they don’t agree to a repeal but they didn’t even put it up for people to view. That’s fine I totally understand because to them the debate is over on this issue.
But I ask you my friends using the above link to just go to this site and take a look at some of the petitions they are allowing folks to view and sign. I honestly think this is a perfect example of where the Democrat Party is right now in society and how they have totally left normal thinking people in their rear view mirrors. Its truly sad that many of these people think that taking “In GOD We Trust” off our money and “Under GOD” out of our pledge is the most important thing our politicians should be doing right now. Removing Churches from tax exempt status and recognizing that there are aliens among us. 
I ask just read some of them and make up your own mind.