The New Democrat Plan

With Obama soon to come off his vacation it looks like he will have a so called “jobs plan”. No one truly knows what will be in it but we have just this weekend got a glimpse of some of its components. There are actually two different tactics the democrat’s are about to deploy.  

First is the brand new democrat talking point that Republicans are putting their party before the people. Republicans wanting to cut spending and be more responsible with the people’s money don’t seem like putting the party first to me. Perhaps you have to be a democrat to understand this logic. Hence they are preaching to the choir of the far left who holds the power within their party and are losing faith in droves. This argument certainly won’t fly in the face of an electorate that see’s an economy in turmoil and a leader in President Obama who has no clue how to fix it.  

Next up we have the media doing their best damage control to date by trotting out the idea that the GOP is willing to let the payroll tax cuts expire January 1st. Of course this is not true but if they can convince enough clueless voters that the President is willing to keep this tax cut and the GOP is not they feel his approvals will rise. There is certainly a reason behind this but the GOP must put forth some legislation to call Obama’s bluff. The President will unveil his “jobs plan” and it will include extending the payroll tax but will also include another stimulus package albeit smaller than the trillion dollars wasted previously. Of course all the GOP controlled House has to do is introduce legislation without amendments that will extend the payroll tax cuts and force Democrats to vote for or against it.