The Stark Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

It has certainly been glaring the differences between the two parties for some time now. Democrats believe in increasing entitlements and Republicans believe in cutting them. But what we don’t hear from the so called mainstream media is a good solid explanation as to why either party feels the way they do.

Certainly by creating more entitlements the middle class is squeezed to the point where they too must depend on government and become a part of the entitlement class. Democrats realize this and harp on it in hopes of getting re-elected. We hear this constant drumbeat every time we turn on MSNBC or CNN.

I’ll give two examples of the stark differences between the two parties.

Let’s say someone knocked on your door and you opened it to find a family in need. A Father, Mother, and children perhaps. They looked hungry and dirty. The Republican thing to do would be to invite them in and let them eat and wash themselves and give them a ride to wherever they need to go. The Democrat thing to do would be to point them in the direction of the nearest soup kitchen or welfare shelter. Don’t get me wrong. Neither reaction is right or wrong. It all depends on your ideology or perhaps your Christian values that would lead to your reaction in such a situation.

Another example would be that if an unwed woman found herself pregnant and unable to care for a child. Where would she go? In a Republican world she would probably go to a church for guidance. In a liberal world she would probably go to Planned Parenthood. Of course the church would try to reason with her to have the child and put it up for adoption. Planned Parenthood and the liberal reaction would be to terminate the pregnancy and move on with your life. Again neither reaction is bad depending on your point of view. The sad thing is that it’s not the child’s fault and that if the liberal point is taken he or she would never have a chance.  

I must reiterate that in both examples neither reaction is wrong or illegal. It depends solely on your ideology. The point that I’m trying to make here is just how disingenuous the Democrat Party leadership is to accuse Republicans of hating women or poor people when they won’t explain the reasoning behind the Republican position. It’s not about hate or dislike. It’s simply about what is morally right and what we as a nation can afford.

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