The Real Reason Unemployment is so High!!

Why unemployment is so high will certainly be a major question that will have to be answered during the 2012 election cycle. I have a few varying opinions as to why but it will certainly make liberals squirm. One glaring problem that is contributing to high unemployment is the federal government extending unemployment benefits. Why would you want to find a job when you can sit at home for basically the same pay and do nothing for weeks on end? This is something that the pundits and the so called main stream media have avoided talking about. This needs to be brought to light because you always hear the harping that the unemployed have stayed unemployed for much longer than in the past. Another obvious reason unemployment is rampant in today’s time is the enormous burden of regulation that’s been implemented by the federal government. Liberals will rail that regulation is good to protect workers and consumers but the underlying issue is that businesses won’t hire if they have the government constantly breathing down their neck.

Examples of this could also include the threat to raise taxes. Many small businesses’ throughout the nation look at the Democrat Party as an enemy because of their constant ramblings about raising taxes.  Or maybe I should use the code word. Raise revenue. Closing loopholes for giant corporations is something that should be looked at but the constant drum beat by the left that these entities are bad is just plain idiotic. If these companies didn’t exist I could only imagine the dire economic outlook it would have.

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