Should the Democrat Party be called the party of blame?

After a solid week of blame I honestly think the name fits. The Tea Party, Palin, Beck, and Bachman have all been blamed for the terrible tragedy in Tucson. They love to call the Republican Party the party of no. They can be the party of blame. Back to the Tucson tragedy though. I have heard over and over many Conservative pundits saying that they are trying to score cheap political points. I don’t believe that. Take MessNBC for instance. Very few people even watch that ridiculous outlet and the ones that are watching probably only watch for a laugh. Think about it. Most of the on-air personalities are dribbling idiots. I personally don’t believe anyone takes Olberman, Matthews or Maddow seriously. It is shameless that many of them are spreading even more vile hate than anyone.

Back to the blame analogy though. Democrats continue to blame Bush from everything to the War on Terror to the economy. Democrats blame the collapse of the housing market on Republicans. Democrats blame global warming on Republicans. Democrats blame Republicans for the deficit. I along with many Americans are sick and tired of this. Democrats only need to look in the mirror if they want to find someone to blame. The funny thing is that if Republicans did create all these problems why can’t they fix them. Everything they’ve done from the failed stimulus to healthcare has been a miserable failure in the eyes of most logical people.

The simple solution to this madness that is being perpetuated by the Democrat Party is for people to get informed and vote. I ask the question all the time. How could you support a party that certainly doesn’t support you? Democrats want higher taxes and an unlimited supply of entitlement programs. They also certainly want amnesty and a weaker defense. This is without even mentioning they seem to enjoy passing legislation that only hurts not helps the average person. I’m referring to healthcare of course.