Are so called moderate Democrats making a deal with the devil?

I just don’t understand how voters could possibly believe that a democrat could be considered moderate (blue dog) when almost all of them walk in lockstep with their far left leaders that are now in power. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to realize that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are way to the left of main stream America. I also don’t think it will be long before Americans wake up to the reality that the messiah is also far left of the main stream. Wasting billions and billions of tax payer dollars is certainly not something any hard working taxpaying person would agree with. I personally think most of this spending will be a win-win situation for the democrats because it will all come back in the form of donations to democratic candidates. Think about it for a second. The democrat’s largest voting block is poor people who don’t give anything to campaigns because they can’t afford to. ACORN is a good example of this because most of the people that they deal with are certainly low income and are easy to manipulate. I understand why poor people vote for democrats. You certainly can’t bite the hand that feeds you. But folks should realize that the billions and billions of dollars that fund these types of organizations are controlled by their CEO’s and their board of Directors who in turn support democrat candidates. It’s a simple scheme that the so called main stream media will never report. Unions are another example of democrats stealing money from tax payers. Unions far and away donate and support democrats more than Republicans. So is there any doubt to why they are throwing billions at the auto industry? It’s the simple you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours philosophy. I truly believe it is making a deal with the devil because most level headed people would never agree to some of the outlandish things that the far left try’s to put forward. Everything from higher taxes, open borders and homosexual marriage are so things the far left wants to impose on us. It’s just sad that voters won’t get themselves more informed before voting on a particular candidate no matter the party. People should just know that no matter where in this country they may reside that a vote for a democrat is a vote for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid to force their far left agenda down our throats no matter if we like it or not.