How long will the media cover for Obama????

With unemployment climbing to record highs the media is still trying to put a smiley face on everything Obama does. I’m still amazed at just how stupid our electorate has become.  Thank GOD not everyone is so stupid and ill informed of course. Look at the headline in the link. Most people wouldn’t even read this article. They would look at the headline and think things are looking up because the headline would fool you into thinking that. In reality unemployment levels have climbed to almost 9% which would be the highest in 25 years. It’s certainly on its way to 10% but when it gets there it too will be overshadowed by some other irrelevant made up figure to gloss over grime reality. The so called economic stimulus package was a waste of our time and money. We are not feeling the brunt of what’s to come because of this recklessness yet. Just wait next year and the year after. Someone is going to have to pony up for all that money they have just wasted.  Of course they will try their best to hide any sort of tax increase and the media will certainly be on board covering for it. When cap and trade rolls down the pipe we will all be paying a steep price but media will be dancing around it. Somehow they may even blame Bush for it.  I have come to the simple conclusion that Obama has no plan for anything really. It’s actually been reported that he has no plan on what to do with the Gitmo prisoners so why would he actually have a plan for anything else the only thing he’s done is increase spending for more welfare and bailouts. That would have been coming anyway weather the economy was heading in a downward spiral or not because he is a liberal democrat. That’s just what they do. Spend your money. Maybe Obama will pray for a plan on this National Day of Prayer. LOL I doubt it….