Obama: The non Prayer President

I am totally amused that on a daily basis the media covers for our new President. Why is it not being reported that he’s not going to observe the National Day of Prayer? I guess they think it may make him look bad and they certainly wouldn’t want to do that. I keep hearing that the messiah will observe it privately. I’m sure he will, wink, wink. I honestly don’t think it matters what Obama does. He gets a free pass. It could be a botched photo opp or appointing tax cheats to important cabinet positions. Nothing sticks because of the media obsession. It’s sad that they have stooped this low. The thing that really chaps me is that liberals are touting what a great job he’s doing. What exactly has he done? He’s increased our debt to amounts that a calculator can’t add and weakened our national security to pre 9/11 levels. Not to mention all the corruption that going on with his appointments and other democrats in Congress. Is this really change we can believe in? Lets pray not…..